Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Vacation Planning

Hi guys! I am letting Lacey take over the blog today! I hope you enjoy her post, I know I sure did! Be sure to stop back tomorrow, I am going to post a few things that I am totally in love with this week.

As you  might know by now, Lindsey here is abandoning me to move to Tulsa, Oklahoma in just a few short weeks. While I'm devastated that she is leaving me, I'm also super excited about this new adventure for her family! I'm also super excited to go visit her in the Sooner State!

So excited in fact that I decided to brush up on my knowledge educate myself with some fun facts about Oklahoma.

The state animal is the buffalo. I just so happen to love buffalo.
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The state flower is the Oklahoma rose:
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Oklahoma even has a state meal! Whaaatt? Sign me up!
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The official drink is milk. Not what I was hoping for, but Okay!
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Since I fully intend on taking my tushie to OK sooner than later, I figured it'd be okay to go ahead and plan some things for us to do while I"m there.

Listen up Linds! Here is the plan:

Kaleidoscope Children's Museum
Because really, I'm just a big kid!

Visit Summerside Vineyards
Cause I'm a wino wine connoisseur.

The Oklahoma Aquarium
Fishies!! Need I say more?

Big Splash Water Park
Cause it's not a vacation until I strut my stuff in a bikini tankini.

Cruise the Oklahoma portion of Route 66
Because it's The MotherRoad!! 

Stone Bluff Cellars
Since I need like wine so much, we might as well!

The Tulsa Zoo
Self explanatory I think?!

I also plan on spending a whole lot of my hubby's money by shopping, eating out, and maybe even a little trip to the casino. Whatcha think Lins? Sound good?

Do any of you have any Tulsa tips for Lindsey? Please share!

Lacey is a homeschoolin' mama of 2 little ones and a wife to one big kid. She enjoys sippin' sweet tea, hangin' with her friends and callin' it the way she sees it. Blogging is her passion and she'd love it if you stopped by her place.


Thank you Lacey for all of those ideas! I can't wait until you come to visit so we can run around and explore a new city! In the meantime there is a giveaway going on and it ends TOMORROW! If you want to be entered for a chance to win some AWESOME prizes please click here! Good Luck!!

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