Friday, September 21, 2012

Friday Showcase

Today I am linking up with Kate from 2 Kids a minivan and a Mortgage. If you have not gone to her site yet you really need too! I can't remember how I found her blog but it was at a time about 20 months ago (give or take) that her family discovered their little girl Lucy had cancer. There are some posts that just made you want to cry! I really wish I could meet this family; they seem to be so loving, caring, and close knit.

Today is that day to showcase your business but since I do not have a business I knew  that I HAD to post about my Aunt Theresa's shop. I think she has a fun shop and not to mention I love her dearly and I am the favorite neice! HA HA

This is Hollie from Hollies Eats and Treats

The shop name is called Hollies Eats and Treats. She named her shop after one of her three Sheltie's. The shop has been open for two years, and with all the growth they've had, there is already talk of expanding the building! The shop is open Monday-Friday but if you call and let her know you need something she will open up especially for you. Homeade cupcakes and cakes are made every 1-2 days. She uses only the best and most healthy ingredients for the dogs.

Hollies Eats and Treats does not offer just yummy treats for your pooch they also offer all kinds of supplies for them too! You can expect to see several different sizes of dog beds ranging in price and size from a small $10 bed all the way to a large bed for $28. If you need a size that is not in her shop, just let her know and she will be able to get the size that you would like. 

This is just a portion of the beds that are at the shop.

Of course we want to keep our dogs fashionable so naturally there are going to be clothes offered too! The clothes range in prices and sizes from $8.00 for small pieces all the way to $22.00 for large pieces. Again do not worry if you don't see a cute little outfit for your dog there is someone that she partners up with that makes the clothes. 

 This picture does not include the homeade clothes and it is just a portion of the wall! 

This is just a small portion of all the items that are stocked at Hollies Eats and Treats. You can expect to find various sizes of collars, harnesses, teether balls, bones, ceramic bowls, flea and tick medicine, pet carriers, pet crates, and so much more.

If you are going on vacation and you need someone reliable to take care of your dog, Hollies Eats and Treats also does boarding. Her prices are SO reasonable running around $10 a day if your little fur baby does not need something extra. This is not a normal boarding place, your animal gets treated like they are a KING or QUEEN. If you bring the dog in the winter there is a heater in the boarding room, in the summer the building has a/c in it! She takes the dogs out and walks them and makes sure they get to stretch their legs and are not in the crate the entire time you are gone. There is some spoiling going on, I mean she does make homeade treats ya know! She gives each animal so much love and affection when she is caring for them. She treats them like they are her own animal.

Now I know you are probably thinking, HOW DO I GET A HOLD OF THIS PLACE! You may go onto her Facebook page here. It has her number on the page and she checks her page daily so if you have a question about your cute little pooch just write her a message and she will get back to you very quickly. If you are wanting to purchase from her but don't live near her or in the same state, don't worry, she will mail the items you would like; U.S. shipping only. Most of the items in Hollie's Eats and Treats shop are homemade. The prices will beat the chain store prices anyday and not to mention the customer service. Theresa, who is my Aunt, works the shop herself and when you call or write her you will get the response from her only. I know that when I need something for one of my three large dogs I call her first and she gets me the items I need. 

So what are you waiting for you better hurry and go check out Hollies Eats and Treats! You need to do all your animal shopping here! 

*There are a few items for your furry little cat. There is more coming in stock within the next few months.

**The pictures are taken from an Iphone, I gave her very short notice for pictures.

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