Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Post

Do you feel like this week is never ending? I sure do! I feel like today should be Thursday and tomorrow obviously Friday! I think this week has been busy and plus we have been waiting for some important news that can't come fast enough. We are trying to sell our home. We have had it listed for something like 19 days and have had a showing every week sometimes two a week. We have a showing on Friday and Saturday. Our house is always clean. My husband is OCD and everything has to be perfect. I like a nice house but I am not as OCD as him. If you has his mother he was not this OCD at home. He would leave wet towels in his closet and his room be a mess. I guess he has grown up a little.  HA HA

This post is going a little random so stick with me mkay? :) Saturday morning we had a showing at our house. So we got up early drug the kids out in the cold and went and got a donut and to look at mini vans. Yes this momma may become a minivan momma. I told the hubs the only way was if he got me some really cool rims for it. He works in the custom wheel biz. Anyway on the way to get our donut I went to itch a place that was scratching near the shoulder blade and I popped four or five ribs out nice huh. Needless to say the chiropractor was my friend on Monday. I got back tomorrow to make sure we are still in place!

So on Monday I got a call from the school nurse that Brayden got gum stuck in his hair. Apparently he found it on the playground and thought it would be cool to put it in his hair. This momma was one happy camper let me tell you. The gum was way to thick to do the peanut butter in hair to get it out. So off we went to the barbershop!

 Tuesday was pretty quiet and easy going. Then we jump to today. Got another call from the school nurse. As my phone rang I just had a feeling it was going to be her. Well it was. Brayd got into a fight a recess. He is only in 1st grade so it wasn't a huge fight just one punch from each kid. Yes it was wrong but I am also glad he stuck up for himself. I did however tell him to go tell his teacher if that kid bothered him again. Then this evening the husband is taking one of our dogs to the vet. He has another ear infection. It seems like he gets them every two weeks. I am starting to think its allergies.

So since we have had such a crazy week I am now off to go make some comfort food...beef n noodles, rolls, mashed potatoes, and corn. Hopefully the husband will enjoy!

How has your week gone?

XO -Lins

Friday, February 24, 2012


Alright everyone I'm linking up with Leslie over at Blonde Ambition for her Confessional Fridays! So let's get started....

1. I know V-day passed a few weeks ago but the husband and I decided to skip it this year. We have a lot going on and we felt we should just save our money this year. Now before the judging starts the husband and I do show each other in our own way every day that we love each other. It could be just by saying I love you or by doing something special for one another. I did get him a card and had it in his car for him to see...he didn't find it until he got to work. Let's add that it was near his gear shift and radio.

2. The husband said he was getting me a new camera...I am still waiting on this bad boy. HINT HINT husband! :)

3. In April the husband and I will have been together ten years and in July it will be nine years married. Our entire relationship he has always tucked me in if we do not go to bed at the same time. I love that we do that because that is just kind of our thing. It is also funny because our fur babies (dogs) know when mommy is going to bed and they go and pile into bed with me and make it hard for husband to kiss me night.

4. The only time I have coffee here at home is when the husband makes it. Him and I make it the same way but it just taste better when he makes it. So if he doesn't make it before he leaves for work I don't drink it.

5. Last weekend BFF and I went and got mani/pedi. I wish I could go for another mani. The place we went to was AMAZING. Not only during the mani did they massage your arms but they also massaged your back too! It was so nice!

Alright those are my confessions for the week. What confessions do you have for me?

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh my my my....

This weekend was jam packed! We will skip over Friday because we really didn't do much.We usually use Friday as a chill evening. So Saturday the husband had to work and the kids and I decided to go to my hometown and visit with my parents and hang out with the BFF. The first thing the BFF and I did we went and go mani/pedi. This was wonderful! I have never had someone massage my back for getting a mani but by golly it was FANTASTIC!

This is our wedding photo! LOL We decided to jump on the paint your ring finger a diff color bandwagon.

We spent about two hours there so we were starving by the time we were done. We decided to run across the street and eat some Mexican. It was so yummy. I could always go for chips and salsa. While we were there we decided to have an adult beverage since our kids were with either our parents or husbands. 

It was a very fun day! I can't wait until we hang out again on Saturday for our tattoos. So on Sunday Brayden was still at my parents. He didn't have school on Monday so he stayed a little longer. So the husband was pouting a little that he wasn't around. Our house was still lively with Gannon tho. Here are a couple of shots of Gannon soaking it up to have daddy all to himself!

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

So to me this week has flown by. I have had so much to do especially today. I have been on the phone all day. Now when the husband reads this he will not be surprised because he feels that I have my phone glued to me. Yes it is but I am not always talking on it a lot of it I am texting very important people such as the BFF.

Speaking of the BFF her and I have been friends well since Kindergarten....first day to be exact well no that's a lie the second day. She came up to me and asked me if we could be friends I tell her I have to ask my mommy first. So from that day on we have been inseperable. 

Last day of 8th grade

We have been through all the good and bad times together. Lori Beth is what a true friend is. I am very very blessed to have her in my life. Since we have gotten older we have only lived an hour and a few mins away from each other. There are times that I haven't been able to meet up with her and our other friend Lynn. So when they can get together but I can't what does any BFF do...they call and do your fave shot of course. 

 Yes that was taken just for me! :)

LB and I have so many many memories that people would just think we were down right crazy for some of the stuff we have done growing up. She is one of those friends that you don't see one with out the other. When I broke the major news to her about what is going on in my life right now I think we both experienced the emotions together at the same time. First we were both happy, shocked, surprised, and finally sad. So we plan to make the best of the next few months and make many more memories starting with this weekend. We are going to get pedi's together then we are hopefully going to go eat some mexican. The following weekend she is coming up to me and we are both going to go get tattoos together. A few weeks after that I am sure LB, Lynn, and myself will do lunch or something together. 

One thing is for sure her and I always have the best time together. I always end our time with my cheeks and stomach hurting from laughing so much. My kids call her Aunt LB of course. We both have boys the same age and basically with the same name. I have a Brayden and she has a Brady. Girlfriend has four kids...I am not sure how she does it. She is always running. We don't talk on the phone (she hates the phone) we are always texting and emailing tho. I am what gets her through her work day! :) When she turned 30 her husband and I planned a surprise party for her. It was pretty fun. We ended up loosing each other at the end of the night tho!

So I am so looking forward to this weekend for some pampering and making great new memories together! Love ya LB!!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gannon you are 18 months

Wow where has the time gone? I do get now when people say time flies with the second child! We have been so much more relaxed with you then what we were with Brayden. If you get hurt I don't go into an instant panic. If you start to cry I let you cry for a few minutes so you can try to figure things out and solve your own problem. The past 18 months has been so much fun. I love watching you and Brayden play together. You love to try to do what big brother is doing. You are pretty easy going and you love to laugh and smile. You get to laughing so hard that you get the entire room laughing so hard that we have tears in our eyes. Your favorite thing to sleep with are your lions. You have three of them and you love to carry them around the house with you. We have yet to find a food that you do not like. You will try anything that we put in front of you. Your new favorite snack are vanilla wafers. You talk non stop. Sometimes you say words other times you are trying to and we cant understand what you are saying, you make up for it with your facial expressions.

We went to the doctor on Monday you are a tiny petite little thing. You weigh only 23lbs and are 32 3/4 inches long. The doctor says you are off the charts developmentally. You are doing a lot of things a two year old does. Two of your new things that you are doing constantly are jumping and trying to do a somersault. There are times that you will flip it over and other times you flop to the side. You will jump when we say "jump" then you will clap for yourself.

You love to watch Sesame Street and Pocoyo. When Elmo comes on you stop dead in your tracks and will not move until he is off. It is really hard to break your concentration when you are involved in a show. You are just like your big brother when he was little watching his shows. You like to go into your room and bang around on your toys. Your favorite thing is to break into big brothers room and take toys out of his room and play with them. It gets even more fun when big brother doesn't want you to have them and chases your through the house. You are starting to figure out if you pick up something that you know you are not suppose to have you will hand it to either mommy or daddy.

I can't wait to make many more great memories with you Gannon! Mommy and daddy love you so very much!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Wow that weekend went way to fast!! We kept so busy. We were so busy I forget what we even did on Friday! We will chuck Friday to us laying low and not doing much since I don't really remember it. Moving along....

Saturday we got up and I had to get my hair done by Miss Gina at 9:00. So I rushed to her shop and she got my hair all prettied up for the day. Don't you love it when someone else fixes your hair and you don't have to bother with it? I do! So once that was done I was on my way home Todd called and told me we had a house showing at 2. By now it is 10. Okay our house is clean I mean really clean but there is always little stuff to be done. So I rushed home to keep an eye on the kids while Todd did some things to get it ready for the showing. Mind you our house had only been on the market for less than 24 hrs. So with that being said the large things that we had wanted to do Todd had to rush to do because face it it was more guy stuff to be done. So I gathered both boys up and we went to Brayden's last basketball game for the season. Their team won of course and they were presented with trophies.

Once that was over we ran back past the house to do a clothes change for Brayden then we went our separate ways. Todd and Brayd had to go to the barber for a hair cut. Todd had to many grays showing for his liking. Personally I kind of like his little specks its a little sexy but hey he won't listen. While the big boys did that Gannon and I decided we were hungry so we loaded up and went to Qdoba for some veggie nachos. We both loved them a lot.

Once that was done we all finally met up and I took everyone with me to the grocery store.  Note to self do not do that again. Goodness sakes I had Todd and Brayden throwing items in the cart and taking their time. This mom was on a mission to hurry up grab what we needed and get out. I was going to make chili for supper that night but that didn't happen, I ended up getting a migraine so I just kind of hung out.

Sunday we went over to Grandpa and Grandma's house  (Todd's parents) and had salads and baked spaghetti. It was very yummy. We cleaned up from eating and grandpa had to leave on a business trip. Grandma, Brayden, and myself made some Valentine cookies and chocolate chip cookies together.

We all had fun baking together. Grandma and myself had some wine while we were baking. We sure do enjoy our wine! We then played for a little bit and then packed up and came home and got ready for Monday. Side note they have six golden retrievers that live inside their house. My buddy yesterday was Sonnie. He kept coming up to me giving me lovins so of course I had to get his picture!

Handsome big boy

Friday, February 10, 2012

Are you ready for Confessional Friday?

Alright everyone as always I am linking up with Leslie from a Blonde Ambition for Confessional Friday!

1. I have done much better this week about going to the gym. I have went ONE time! :) Hey that is way better than not going at all like I have been doing. My one time going to the gym I met up with my friend Tiffany (we went to h.s. together and were on the dance team together) and we had a nice workout/vent session!

2. I haven't been to the grocery store in two weeks. We are trying to go just twice a month. I am kind of liking that BUT it is hard to plan meals for two weeks. I have started making a list for ten meals to make for the two weeks. Lets face it we all know there will be left overs. I have done this for a month and it is really working out.

3. I get really excited for Sunday mornings because we get the Sunday paper. Ya'll know what comes in the Sunday paper...COUPONS! I feel like it is Christmas when I get to go through it. I cut out what I want and then send a email to my mother in law and vice versa. Hey we are doubling up that way!

4. When my oldest has on a really cute handsome outfit I always pose him in the same place. I have came to realize that I really love that location because in the background is mine and the Mister wedding picture/album.

 See it up there on the mantel? Isn't he handsome? His new thing is for me to "style" his hair!

Of course I couldn't post a picture without showing off my lil man too! :) 

5. And for the last confession...I have to be a little vague on this but will fill in when I can. There is a new adventure that is coming up for our family and couldn't be more excited and nervous about it all at the same time. I just hope and pray everything works out the way I have it planned in my head! :)

Please share your confessions! Don't forget to become a follower. I am going to do a give away soon once we get some followers!! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A few things...

 Did you guys watch the Bachelor last night? Okay what was up with Jamie giving step by step instructions on how to kiss? That was just awkward to watch period. Todd and I crack up every week when Chris Harrison comes and tells everyone there is one rose left. What is the point of that? It looks like maybe next week Courtney just might get the boot...let's hope and keep our fingers crossed!
I found this the other day and thought it was so funny. I hope this makes you laugh like it did me. I don't know about you but I think this would be so great if they got onto Ellen. I love to watch her as she does great things for so many people. 

Monday, February 6, 2012

Super Dancers "flash mob" surprises 2012 Super Bowl travelers at IND air...

I found this and thought ya'll might enjoy it! We never did go downtown to enjoy the festivities for the Superbowl but it was neat hearing all about it! :) 

Weekend Recap

Hey everyone! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! Did you guys watch the Superbowl? I have to say my fave commercial was the Doritio one with the Great Dane! I LOVE Great Danes!!! Anyhow shall we proceed with the weekend?

Okay Friday I picked Brayden up early from school to go to the eye doctor. He just got some bifocals and I have never dealt with bifocals before. I thought he was not seeing correctly out of the bottom part of the lens. Apparently he is, it just takes time to get used to it. Whatev he loves to wear his new glasses. I think he likes it so much because his best friend at school also has glasses. He tried to tell Todd and I that he needed glasses for a few months and I just kind of blew it off. Now I feel horrible because he really did need them. I thought he was wanting them due to his friend having them. Once that was over I ran through Wendy's and grabbed a special treat for him since he done so well at the doctor. Then we waiting on daddy to get home. Once Todd got home we all just chilled in the family room as a family and watched TV.

Saturday came and I had to wake Todd up early. He had to go to the state fairgrounds and pack up his wheel display that he had up. Side note a couple of weeks ago the Director of Marketing for the NFL called him and asked him if he could do a wheel display for a few of their VIP parties. So once he got home we got ready for Brayden's game. Papaw and Grandpa both came to watch the game. Mamaw and Grandma weren't able to make it but that's okay because once the game was over Brayden sent his snack to Grandma. Brayden then decided he needed to go stay the night with Papaw and Mamaw. So while Brayd was gone with Papaw Gannon and daddy decided to take a nap. While it was quiet in the house I watched a movie and was waiting on the IU game to come on. Once the two boys woke up we decided on Chinese for supper. Todd went and grabbed it for us then we sat and watched IU kick Purdue!

On Sunday we got up and went down to Mamaw and Papaw to visit and to pick up Brayd. We stayed most the day and hung out. It was nice to finally see them. We had not seen them for about a month. My mom had her left knee replaced so we were giving her time to recover before my wild boys came over. We ended up leaving to try to give us enough time to get home to watch the start of the Superbowl. We missed the first 10 mins but we were able to listen to it on the radio. Todd and I really enjoyed the halftime show of Madonna! We both felt she rocked it!!

Here is a pic of Gannon acting silly on Saturday. Since we had a couple of picture of Brayden of course Gannon had to get in on the action! :) Also if you are on instragram be sure to follow me. linsw00

How was your weekend?

Friday, February 3, 2012

Confessional Friday

Hey guys I am liking up with Leslie over at

1. I am so glad that it is Friday. The past two weeks have really kicked my butt. It seems like something is always coming up and going wrong. I hope next week will be a lot better.

2. I have another guilty pleasure show that comes on Fridays. It's Sweet Home Alabama. It airs on CMT. If you have not watched it yet check it out!

3. I have hinted to my husband that I need another candle ordered. The only place that I like to get my candles now are from The Candleberry.  My next scent that I really want is the Hot Toddy. I really want to try it just because my husband's name is Todd.

4. Valentine's Day is coming up and I have no idea what to do for my husband. Anytime a holiday or his birthday or our Anny comes up I ask him what he wants and his response is "Babe I don't need anything". So then I have to figure it out for myself which is very difficult. He is not one that you purchase clothes for because he will end up taking them back. I bought him a jacket for Christmas and he took it back two times before settling on one.

5. I am very excited to see my parents this weekend. We usually do not go more than two weeks without seeing each other but my mom had her left knee replaced almost a month ago and we have kind of stayed away so she could get better. I know my kids are missing her like crazy!

6. I have been going to the chiropractor for three weeks now for him to try to help my back and it is not helping at all. I feel the same each week. I only have one or two more visits then I am done but I really like the office I go to....very friendly staff.

7. When my husband and I first got together...actually four months into our relationship he took me over to Spain and we traveled the southern part. His dad and mom were living over there so we stayed with them for 10 days. I want to go back so bad and take my kids so they can see it.

8. I am counting down the days until we go on vacation. We have yet to decide where to go for sure and when but I am excited we are going to go somewhere.

9. I have been slacking on my gym workout due to the back. I really need to get back into it. I am trying to decide if I want to wake up early morning and do my workout even though I am so not a morning person.

10. My favorite time of the day is in the evening after the kids have had their baths and we sit down as a family in the family room and talk, tell stories of our day, watch movies together, or even read books. I really enjoy watching the two boys and Todd wrestle on the ground. Nothing is better than hearing the kids laugh really hard! :)

So tell me do you have any confessions for this week?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Some randomness...

I feel like this week has gone so slow! Do any of you feel like that? I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!! This might be a little all over the place because I have a few random thoughts.

1. Brayden's last basketball game is on Saturday. I am so glad that Todd has been able to make every game. Usually in his line of work he has to work every other weekend but with it being winter they are trying something new and closing on the weekends for a few months.

2. Gannon and I went to pick up Brayden's pants before we picked him up from school. We had two pair of jeans hemmed. I have never been to this lady before, so when we went in I went to give her my debit card she said oh I take cash and checks. Who doesn't take debit cards anymore? So needless to say I wasn't able to pick them up. I rarely carry cash or checks on me.

3. I am trying to only grocery shop every two weeks. I like that I don't have to go to the store every week but it is hard to try to plan two weeks worth of suppers for all of us. I feel like I make the same stuff over and over.

4. I don't like that Brayden is getting older and he has stopped calling me mommy. He now calls me mom. For Todd he still calls him daddy. How does that happen? I do like it tho that he likes to have his hair "styled". By "styled" that means I wet it down and spike it up with gel and hairspray.

5. Gannon our 17 month old got a really crap haircut last week. I went to our regular barber but he was not around so I let some other guy cut it. Gannon has natural curls so I told the guy just a trim I wanted to keep the curls. He took the razor and took his hair down to his ears. Once he was done his hair looked like the dumb and dumber haircut. I had to go back so our regular barber could fix it. Did I mention I cried the entire way home, that day, and on the way back. My barber told me it was ok it would grow back. Yes it will grow back but A) he is not a female and doesn't know about the whole haircut deal B) Gannon now looks like a big boy.

6. The Superbowl is in Indy this weekend. I kinda want to go down and look at everything but on the other hand I really hate large crowds. Not to mention I don't want to pay $20 just to park.

7. I am really loving the weather we are having. If this could always be our winter I would be very very happy. I am not a cold weather person.

8. I had to come up with at least one more thing to put I didn't want to stop on an odd number. I really don't like odd numbers I am more of an even number person. Both of my kids and my bday are all on even numbers.

Do you have any random thoughts for this Thursday?