Monday, February 13, 2012

Busy Weekend!

Wow that weekend went way to fast!! We kept so busy. We were so busy I forget what we even did on Friday! We will chuck Friday to us laying low and not doing much since I don't really remember it. Moving along....

Saturday we got up and I had to get my hair done by Miss Gina at 9:00. So I rushed to her shop and she got my hair all prettied up for the day. Don't you love it when someone else fixes your hair and you don't have to bother with it? I do! So once that was done I was on my way home Todd called and told me we had a house showing at 2. By now it is 10. Okay our house is clean I mean really clean but there is always little stuff to be done. So I rushed home to keep an eye on the kids while Todd did some things to get it ready for the showing. Mind you our house had only been on the market for less than 24 hrs. So with that being said the large things that we had wanted to do Todd had to rush to do because face it it was more guy stuff to be done. So I gathered both boys up and we went to Brayden's last basketball game for the season. Their team won of course and they were presented with trophies.

Once that was over we ran back past the house to do a clothes change for Brayden then we went our separate ways. Todd and Brayd had to go to the barber for a hair cut. Todd had to many grays showing for his liking. Personally I kind of like his little specks its a little sexy but hey he won't listen. While the big boys did that Gannon and I decided we were hungry so we loaded up and went to Qdoba for some veggie nachos. We both loved them a lot.

Once that was done we all finally met up and I took everyone with me to the grocery store.  Note to self do not do that again. Goodness sakes I had Todd and Brayden throwing items in the cart and taking their time. This mom was on a mission to hurry up grab what we needed and get out. I was going to make chili for supper that night but that didn't happen, I ended up getting a migraine so I just kind of hung out.

Sunday we went over to Grandpa and Grandma's house  (Todd's parents) and had salads and baked spaghetti. It was very yummy. We cleaned up from eating and grandpa had to leave on a business trip. Grandma, Brayden, and myself made some Valentine cookies and chocolate chip cookies together.

We all had fun baking together. Grandma and myself had some wine while we were baking. We sure do enjoy our wine! We then played for a little bit and then packed up and came home and got ready for Monday. Side note they have six golden retrievers that live inside their house. My buddy yesterday was Sonnie. He kept coming up to me giving me lovins so of course I had to get his picture!

Handsome big boy

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