Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday Ramblings

So to me this week has flown by. I have had so much to do especially today. I have been on the phone all day. Now when the husband reads this he will not be surprised because he feels that I have my phone glued to me. Yes it is but I am not always talking on it a lot of it I am texting very important people such as the BFF.

Speaking of the BFF her and I have been friends well since Kindergarten....first day to be exact well no that's a lie the second day. She came up to me and asked me if we could be friends I tell her I have to ask my mommy first. So from that day on we have been inseperable. 

Last day of 8th grade

We have been through all the good and bad times together. Lori Beth is what a true friend is. I am very very blessed to have her in my life. Since we have gotten older we have only lived an hour and a few mins away from each other. There are times that I haven't been able to meet up with her and our other friend Lynn. So when they can get together but I can't what does any BFF do...they call and do your fave shot of course. 

 Yes that was taken just for me! :)

LB and I have so many many memories that people would just think we were down right crazy for some of the stuff we have done growing up. She is one of those friends that you don't see one with out the other. When I broke the major news to her about what is going on in my life right now I think we both experienced the emotions together at the same time. First we were both happy, shocked, surprised, and finally sad. So we plan to make the best of the next few months and make many more memories starting with this weekend. We are going to get pedi's together then we are hopefully going to go eat some mexican. The following weekend she is coming up to me and we are both going to go get tattoos together. A few weeks after that I am sure LB, Lynn, and myself will do lunch or something together. 

One thing is for sure her and I always have the best time together. I always end our time with my cheeks and stomach hurting from laughing so much. My kids call her Aunt LB of course. We both have boys the same age and basically with the same name. I have a Brayden and she has a Brady. Girlfriend has four kids...I am not sure how she does it. She is always running. We don't talk on the phone (she hates the phone) we are always texting and emailing tho. I am what gets her through her work day! :) When she turned 30 her husband and I planned a surprise party for her. It was pretty fun. We ended up loosing each other at the end of the night tho!

So I am so looking forward to this weekend for some pampering and making great new memories together! Love ya LB!!!!

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  1. OMG so I just read this and I can't believe I am crying at work!!! This is the sweetest thing!!! seeing all these pictures...omg...some of em are OLD SCHOOL!!!! lol No matter how far apart we are we'll always be besties!!! FOREVER!!!! Thank you for always being there for me, helping me deal with my drama! ;) love you forever Lins!!!! bff for life!


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