Friday, August 31, 2012

It's Friday Party People

I am so glad it is FRIDAY!!! Here in a few hours the first week of school will be under our belt! Thank goodness! I've said before I am not one for change. I  We all are missing all the staff from our school in Indiana!  What has really made our week (especially mine) is that the staff and us emailed each other and got to talk! It was really great to talk to Ms. Groff on the phone even!! :) Brayden wrote a letter and drew a picture and sent it to Ms. Groff a couple of weeks ago! They really formed a bond last year, but he has formed a bond with every staff member he has worked with too! I've got a pretty special kid I tell ya! :)

With us still getting into the grove of a new school year I have been so busy. Our routine has change so we are all trying to get into another new routine. So I am going to leave you with a few pictures of what has been going on lately. Sorry for the quality again they were takin with my Iphone. I tell ya I have a DSLR on my Christmas list hopefully the husband Santa will look, I've been a good girl this year! :)

The husband makes the best fried pickles. 

New big boy haircut. He still has his curls in the back. 

Playing Spiderman

I hope you all have a great weekend! Do you have any fun plans?

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Q's Goodies

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE to bake. One of my most requested items are my chocolate chip cookies. My kids, husband, family, and friends request them often. I actually took baked some cookies last year and took them into all of Brayden's teachers when we were having an end of the year meeting to get ready for our move. They couldn't stop eating them! :) I also have always wanted to do a small bakery and sell my items. So this brings me to this little giveaway I entered a few weeks ago.

 One of the prizes was Texas Tea Cakes from Q's Goodies. I was excited and couldn't wait to get this little package. I had gone on to Q's esty page and looked at all the cute items that they made. I wanted one of everything! I'm telling you these items would be cute at a shower or as a gift. So last week I got my package from Q's Goodies! Once I ripped open the box I was greated with a cute little wrapping of my goodies! The pacakge was buble wrapped but on top was an extra goodie! Can we say SCORE! Q's added a Cherry Limeade cookie. This cookie had little bits of maraschino cherries and fresh lime zest in it. Now I am a lover of cherries and lime (when I drink soda I am always getting a cherry soda or a diet with a lime). I have to confess I did not share this one with anyone. It was sooo good! Once the Cherry Limeade cookie was gone there was a cute little note from Q's that was personalized. I love it, it added that speacial personal touch.  Then I opened up the box and found the cute little Texas shaped Tea Cakes. This was so cute, it was almost to cute to eat. But I dug right in and I am so glad I did! You could totally taste the nutmeg in it but it was not to much and not to little it was just right. I would highly recommend ordering something from Q's Goodies! 

Here is the cute little card that comes with the package. On the back is the personalized note. Sorry for the picture quality is was taken with my iphone. 

 The cute packaging. I LOVE all the pink!

Texas Tea Cake

If you haven't gone to check out Q's Goodies yet what are you waiting for? You better hurry! :) 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Year Check

This morning Gannon had his two year check up. We waited 45 minutes before they called us back. Then we were with the doctor for an hour! Needless to say the little appointment desk forgot to let the doctor know that we had arrived. So once it was our time big man was ready! He jumped on that scale like a big boy and weighed a whole 26lbs. Then it was time for him to see how tall he was and he was a whole 36 inches! I think I am going to have a little shorty on my hands. He was making us laugh he kept telling the doctor "I did it" when he would get off the table alone. He opened his mouth perfectly so she could look in he even had that "ahhh" sound too. He is right on track for everything and of course he is perfect! :)

 He is always all smiles! :)

Sleepy Spidey after a big day out in Galveston!

Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

Today is the first of school in Texas for Brayden! Here are a few stats on him...

Favorite TV Show: Chase that kid. (I've got no clue what this cartoon is so I am not sure this is the correct name of the cartoon! HA HA

Favorite Movie: Transformers

Favorite Color: Yellow and Gray

Favorite Food: Pizza

 First day of school picture

Walking into his new school 


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Math Song

I thought with school starting next week this would be a perfect fit! Not to mention we go to meet the teacher tonight at Brayd's new school! Wish us luck!! :)

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life With The Husband

*Disclaimer I am in no way of putting my lovely husband down.

I am not sure if anyone else out here will agree with me but I honestly feel like my husband is my man child at times. I seriously feel like I am taking care of three children. My husband is 32 about to turn 33 but I seriously think he acts like he is 12. Before moving to Texas my husband was total OCD on everything. Since moving here I am constantly picking up after him. 

Can I also add the hubs has a bromance going on. It is true! Bromance called last night right before supper, they were on the phone for like a minute and hung up. Later on in the evening I go to try to find my husband (he was outside working) and I am calling for him. He is sitting on the bench out front chatting with bromance. I asked him to get off the phone for a second. I needed his full attention to do something for me, then he could get back on the phone while doing said project. Hubs got so mad and threw a temper tantrum like what my two year old would throw. I rolled my eyes and came inside and wrote bromance told him hubs was available now. He said his wife had gotten onto him. Last night I told them that the wives were going out and they were going to stay home and sit in the corner. 

I love my husband very much do not get me wrong. He works very hard for our little family. He works extra hard so I can be a stay at home mom. Sometimes I feel like I just want to send the hubs to a corner! HA HA

Anyway husband if you are reading this I LOVE YOU!!! ;) 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hey ya'll I hope you guys had a great Monday! We just kind of hung out since my parents left and it was way to quiet here! I. did. not. like. it!  Toward the end of last week was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. As you may have read in one of my post on Friday my son has to have a pretty big deal ear surgery. Friday morning we also found out he needs to have eye surgery too. He was diagnosed with a condition called Esotropia. Most people may know this by being crossed eye'd. To be honest you can not really tell he is. I can now more since they have pointed it out more. I went back and looked at a few pictures and could tell.

Here in this picture you can tell that his eyes are not focused straight. I have had three opinions. We have tried the glasses (he was very good about wearing them too) which has not made the eye stronger. We have not tried therapy yet but I am not sure therapy is the way to go for him. Now we have the surgery. As far as the surgery they will clip the outside muscle on the eye and move it. Then the brain will retrain the eye to go straight. We are not doing this for cosmetic reasons. We notice that when he is doing a paper for school or concentrating really hard he is constantly rubbing his eyes. So it shows there that he is trying to focus. There is a chance that he may need surgery in the future. I think with any surgery there is always a chance for another one. Once the surgery is complete he will go in for follow ups. The Opthamologist may put him back into some light strength glasses.

All I have done is stress and research about the eye and ears. I have contacted both of my doctors back in Indiana and I am awaiting their email and/or phone call. I have looked up the doctors to make sure they both were board certified and to look up their reviews and what not. We have scheduled his eye surgery for September 12. We were going to wait until Christmas break but we do not want it to affect his schooling. His ear surgery is October 26. We have not scheduled the surgery for his other ear but we are going to try to make it right after Christmas so he has some of the break to recover. If you know of anyone that has Esotropia and/or has gone through this kind of surgery please please comment. :)

Monday, August 20, 2012

I'm Back!

I'm back! Did ya miss me....wait don't answer that! HA HA I want to say a HUGE Thank You to all of my guest bloggers! Didn't you think they were great!?!? I sure did! My parents were here in town visiting for 10 days! To me 10 days is not long enough! I am way close with my family. It could be because I am an only child and spoiled rotten? We have had a lot of fun and were busy the entire time. I am not going to bore you with every little detail but it was a total blast! We made reservations last night for when they come down for Christmas!

This week I have another busy week. Right now on my schedule so far is I have training tomorrow, meet the teacher for Brayden's school is this week, I have to schedule Brayden's three surgeries he needs to have, I get to turn in my rental van and pick up my SUV finally, and I have a doctors appt Thursday morning This is all just to start with!

Also I am not sure about this one. The injury adjuster has already told me what she needed and what not over the phone. Now all of a sudden she wants to meet with me in person. I find that a bit odd. Maybe I am playing it way to cautious I don't know but I don't want to meet with her. I am thinking I may tell her she will need to speak with my lawyer. By the way do any of you have a name of a good injury lawyer? Lastly I will NEVER do tax free weekend in TX anymore. It is not worth the little bit of savings and rude people! I will just go when people are at work.

What all did you guys do this weekend? Have you ever experienced tax free weekend?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Heavy Heart

I wasn't gonna post this week since I'm spending awesome time with my parents. After Sunday I won't see them again for four months. Insert the tears. Anyway my oldest Brayden has always has ear issues. This started at age 15 months with tubes. He's had tubes 2-3 times along with adenoids being removed. I knew last year when he had a nasty ear infection (around August-End of September) that he had a nice size hole in his left eardrum and a smaller size in the right. We opted to watch it and test his hearing. Patching the left ear was pretty invasive and didn't want to take a chance of hurting his hearing more. Fast forward to two weeks ago. I took Brayd to his new peds office to get established and she said his left ear was a big hole, thinking yes I know nothing new. She kept on about it and insisted we go to the ENT just for a checkup. We hadn't been in a year so I thought fine it won't hurt. So today we go, thankfully my mom went with me. Indiana doctor never showed me what his ear looked like. Houston doctor got his tool and showed both of us. In your eardrum there is a bone in the center, my poor baby has his eardrum missing from that bone down on the left. The right there is a big hole (same as the left started).  I'm not putting the Indiana doctor down, I love him and trust him. He's actually known nationwide. My plan is to call him and try to speak to him personally about this. Like I said he's been with us for seven years and I've known the new doctor for a whole 30 minutes.

With finding this out it makes sense: 1. He talks so loud so we are always trying to sshhh him down a little. 2. He mumbles and is hard to understand at times. 3. He grabs our face and gets close to us...duh he's reading our lips. I feel like my child has been given a shit deck of cards! He has this ear thing, he has an lazy eye thing which will be for another  post, he has ADHD, oh let's also throw in a mild form of Autism. Now don't get me wrong I'm so thankful these issues are not life threatening. If you are wondering the cause it's a mixture between the tubes and his ear infections.

Now onto how they fix his ears. It will be two different operations both lasting 90 minutes each. The doctor will cut the skin behind his ear as a graf and go through kind of on the head close to the top of the ear to get to the eardrum. He will do his magic to make an eardrum. There is a 1 and 15% chance the graf won't take. His missing eardrum is a 1 and 100 thing too. He will miss three days of school, no physical activity for two weeks, and a bunch of packing in his ear. Sounds fun huh? The procedure is called a tympanoplasty. I'm not going to put images up just for the weak stomach. As you can tell it's the middle of the night I've yet to go to sleep all I keep thinking about is this.

So if you have a few minutes if you don't mind would you say a prayer for my big guy? Please pray that God leads us into making the correct choice and that Brayden will be able to hear like he should.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hi everyone!! I'm Erica, a Boston girl and I blog over at Young and Fabulous! I am honored to be taking over Lindsey's blog for y'all today!

Speaking of blogging...what's the point of it if you aren't yourself!? One of the most important things I've learned from myself and other bloggers is to laugh at yourself. Who cares if it's embarrassing. Besides the fact that it can be good blogging material, it'll be fun to look back and remember that time you pee'd yourself at work.

That's right folks. What better way to truly introduce myself to you all, Miss Lindsey's followers, than yo tell you about that time I pissed my pants at work...about 3 weeks ago.

I was having a great day. It involved a wicked cute pencil skirt that I had recently bought. I went into the single bathroom and lifted my skirt to admire my badonk in the mirror. Yeah, I admit I was checking myself out! Shh you've all done it! So I went to do the deed and had forgotten to pull my lil undies down. As I was going, I was thinking to myself "dammit...this feels so weird for some reason," but I thought nothing of it.

Then it hit me. I still had on my undies. There was seepage. And just all around nastiness. So I took them off, threw them out, and free-balled it for the rest of the day. And that's that!

So all in all, whether you blog about times you've buried your aunt flow underwear in your backyard, or pissing your pants at work, just be yourself! Hope you will all come visit me! Thanks so much Lindsey!!

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Country Roots goes Bohemian!!

Good morning from Bohemian Treehouse! I'm so excited that Lindsey has let me be a part of the wonderful world of Country Roots City Living.. I am also a Texas girl, but my roots are not country or city.. They are bohemian.. I like to thrift, decorate, up-cycle, drink wine and blog on bohemian interior design. My favorite things about bohemian decor is the "no rules" style.
Bohemian spaces have bright colors, a mix of styles, lots of fabrics, art and funky finds.  Here are a couple of my absolute FAVORITE rooms.

 This is Justina Blakeny's home. This bright rug, pendant light and chairs make this room so lovely.

Bohemian interiors always have a cluttered mess of art! It looks effortlessly messy! 
Okay, I know ivory is soooo not cool in this bedroom. But I love these pieces. I'm going to pretend its faux ivory inlay. :)

Love  this blue room. It may be my absolute favorite. Ivory inlayed items, color, gallery wall with plates, pink ( I love pink) and a great chandelier 

The bohemian look is easy to get.. Just mix in color, some ethnic art, a gallery wall, a great chandelier, textures ( like fur, ivory, copper and wood) and make a mess of it and enjoy!!

So much fun.. As you can tell I'm quite obsessed with the boho! Please come visit me sometime if you share my affliction!! Thanks again Lindsey!! Hope your week is fabulous!!!

Thank you for taking over and sharing your style!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

And They Call Me Mommy Takeover!

Yesterday I had a fantastic guest post from Leslie and I have another fantastic one from Lacey! Lacey and I have yet to meet face to face but we email and text the entire day. I know you all will adore her as much as I do! Thank you for taking over Lacey!!

Hey Y'all!! I'm Lacey from ..And They Call Me Mommy! When Lindsey asked me to guest post for her I was really excited; I've never guest posted before & I adore Lindsey, sooo WIN! WIN!

So y'all may not know this yet, but Miss Lindsey is a HUGE Luke Bryan fan. We could pretend that she really admires his music and talent but really, the truth is she loves him because of this:

Photo Credit
Can't blame the girl - homeboy is HOT, Amen?! If you aren't familiar with Luke Bryan what the hell is wrong with you? do me a favor and familiarize yourself real quick please! Watch This.

I'm not gonna lie, if  'ol Luke asked me to do that for him, I'd be in. However, I like this idea better:

Once I stopped daydreaming about a lap dance from Luke Bryan I thought it'd be fun to share with you my Top 5 List of  booty shaking songs. Ready? Here they are in no particular order:

1) Neal McCoy - The Shake
2) Mystikal - Shake Ya @ss
3) Sir Mix A Lot - Baby Got Back
4) Trace Adkins - Honky Tonk Badonkadonk
5) Juvenile - Back That Thang Up 

So tell me, what's your favorite booty shakin song?


 ©..And They Call Me Mommy,2012.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Guest Post : Welcome to Texas!

I am out running around and having a great time with my parents! I asked the Fabulous Leslie if she would post for me today. I am so excited that she said yes!! Please go show her some love!  Thank you Leslie for taking over for the day!!!

Hey y'all!! This is Leslie from Eat Pray Love Run and I am taking over Lindsey's blog for the day! 
While she is off spending some quality time with her family I thought I would share a little bit about the great state of Texas and Lindsey's new home, Houston.  I am sure she has a lot of friends and family back in Indiana who follow her blog so I thought I would give them a little glimpse into our city :)

To start off....for people who don't live in Texas or who have never visited, this is probably what you picture when you think of Texas:

While yes, you will find this in some parts of Texas, that is not what most of the state is like. 

Let's chat about Houston specifically since that is where we both live.  Houston is the 4th biggest city in the US.

Houston is less than an hour from the beach (Galveston), 3 1/2 hours from Dallas and 2 1/2 hours from Austin. 

Some of the best parts about Houston:

- Memorial Park- a giant park in the middle of the city that is a popular spot for runners, tennis players, cyclists and more.
-The Restaurants- Houston is known for its amazing restaurants.  To name a few of my personal favorites: Cyclone Anayas, Brenner's on the Bayou, Ouisies Table and Rudy's BBQ. 
-The Med Center- This part of Houston is filled with some of the best hospitals and cancer centers in the world.  People come from all over the world, literally, to be treated at places like MD Anderson and Texas Children's Hospital. 
- The Shopping-  The Galleria, Highland Park, River Oaks Shopping Center, Uptown Park and more.  These are just a few of the best shopping centers you could possibly find.
- The Location-  In less than an hour you can be at the beach!  In less than 2 hours you can be in Louisiana!  In less than 2 hours in a plane you can be in Cancun! It is nice being in the center of the can be to the west coast in less than 4 hours or to the east coast in less than 4 hours (flying).
- The Nightlife-  Houston has everything from country bars to expensive, trendy night clubs. Washington Avenue and Midtown are the best spots for a fun night out. 
- NASA is about 30 minutes south of Houston and in the city there is a whole "district" filled with museums. 

BUT...there are just a couple negative things about Houston that I have to share.....

- THE TRAFFIC IS TERRRRRRRIBLE.  At all hours of the day and night.  It is awful. I just moved out to a suburb north of Houston and have a 50 minute commute into the city each morning and afternoon.  And that is without traffic. If you come to Houston, just be prepared to sit on a freeway at some point during your stay. 

- IT IS HOT.  Really, really, really hot and humid.  Summer pretty much lasts from May thru late September. And during our Fall & Winter, there is a good chance you will have some hot days.  The humidity is great for your skin but not so much for your hair or being outside for long periods of time. 

Thank you so much for letting me take over your blog today and I hope you have a great time with your family!
And I can't wait to meet you soon!

Love from Texas, Leslie
(Please stop by my blog and say hi!!)

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Gannon 2 years old

Gannon you are 2 BABY! Oh my how you have grown up! I think we need to put a brick on your head to stop you. I really don't want you to get older please stop! You are so much fun, you are funny, you love to laugh, you have fun doing just about anything! You are a momma's boy that is for sure. You will be playing then just stop what you are doing and come and give me some loves and kisses. You look up to big brother and try to do everything he is doing. I will have your stats when we got for your well check in a couple of weeks. I think you are around 30lbs. You are wearing size 18-24 month shirts and size 18 shorts. Your swimming trunks are size 12-18 months! You are in a size 6 diaper. We just switched ya because you kept peeing through everything you little pee pot!! 

You will eat just about anything we put in front of you. The spicier the better. You also love to dip things. Your first thing to dip was chips into some salsa. You are pretty easy going most of the time but when a fit comes out it is a major meltdown. You love to be in the water and swim. You are a little dare devil. You will get up on the latter and jump off of it facing forward or backward. You go under water like it is no big deal. You like to watch big brother play video games. You LOVE sport toys. You got a basketball goal and ball and you are now bending your knees and shooting it. I think you may be my little point guard. You also will flip all over the house. You will go into the closet and hang and swing on the bar in it. You are one strong little guy. Daddy and I look forward to watching you grow up! Our nickname was right on for you, you are our little monkey for sure!

Happy Birthday Monkey!!!

Take The Cake

I will do a full recap of Gannon's second Birthday another day. But I wanted to post about the birthday cake we had for Gannon. One of the most important items for the party to us is the cake. When our other child was five I had ordered him a train cake and it tasted great BUT the decoration on it was far from what we asked for. Needless to say he never has let me live it down and I feel like a mom fail. So with us being new to Houston I had no idea where to go to order Gannon's cake. I took to the internet to read reviews and to figure our what was near us. I was told one other place but I kept eye this one Place named Take the Cake.  I sent a facebook message to the Owner Anabel. We spoke through the internet a few times. I sent her a few different pictures of what I thought I might like. We ended up going with an 2 tier eight inch cake. It was chocolate on both layers with vanilla cream cheese in the middle. The icing was butter cream icing dyed green. The character and shapes were made out of fondant. Anabel did tell me that they were just starting to work with fondant so they were not experienced in a lot of things yet but learning. Take the cake did NOT disappoint. Anabel told me to take the cake out of the fridge the morning of the party. I did not do it since we were leaving for Galveston for the day and having cake later this evening. I didn't want to take a chance on my dogs getting in it. I did take it out of the fridge as soon as we got home. It was so yummy. Everyone done in and loved it!

I do have to admit that I was a little nervous for the mixed reviews but something had told me to go for it. What I also loved when I went to pick up the cake one of the workers there told me that Gannon's cake was her favorite and other customers had been requesting an Elmo cake. The worker told me that she had showed other customers who loved it and wanted it too. Then the worker said Anabel wanted to speak with me before we left. She was right out and was so so nice! She wanted to make sure that I liked it and it turned out the way I wanted it. Take the Cake has the best customer service and is so nice. If you are in need of a cake please choose them.

Friday, August 10, 2012


Happy Friday Party People!!!!!!

Do you guys have any fun plans for the weekend? I do!!! Because THE PARENTS ARE HERE!!!!!!

 Picture taken by New Beginning Photography

One thing you may or may not know about me is 1. I am an only child. 2. I am very very close to my parents. I have not seen them in two months. Now that might not be that long to some of you but I have never gone longer than two weeks without seeing them. The two weeks is only in the winter if it snowed. Usually I saw them every single weekend. Another thing you may or may not know is that I talk to my mom 35677892 times a day AND we Facetime usually every other day!

Another fun thing that is happening this weekend is

 Picture taken by New Beginning Photography

This precious baby turns 2 on Sunday!!! I can't believe my babe is gonna be 2! He just needed to stay that tiny baby for a little bit longer!! So I am off to plan a party and to spend LOTS of time with the parents!

Go check me out on Sunday morning over at Nathan's blog, I am guest posting!! I also have some FANTASTIC guest posters next week so be sure to show them some love!

See you on the flip side!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Thursday Eye Candy Day!

Here is a little Luke Bryan to get your Thursday started along with some Little Big Town and last but certainly not least Eric Church!

I really don't have much to say today so I thought a two songs with some eye candy and then a good drinking/boating song would be perfect since it is almost Friday!

I am in need of two guest posters for next week. I have company coming into town and I want to soak up every second with them!!! If you are interested please either comment or email. You can write about anything that you want.

Also one of my really really close friends is going through some infertility issues. Her and I were raised together and she is like a sister to me!  She is doing the whole shot thing. I think this is like her third or fourth time doing the shots. If you could please say a prayer for her I would appreciate it. Her and her husband would make the best parents ever!!

Are you doing anything fun today?

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lizards and Inappropriate Text

So you know the saying everything is bigger in Texas? What you don't hear is how all kinds of darn critters can get into your house so quickly! Monday night I am in the kitchen getting Gannon a sippy with some milk. Next thing I see is something running across the is a baby lizard. If you read the post yesterday you will remember I am the prissiest country girl every. I don't do bugs, critters, sharks, ect. Well I did what any female would do of course. I walked around the house with a pitcher to trap the thing. I also sent a text to my husband who was at a business dinner to let him know we had something in the house. His response was "LOL". So I called my dad. Dad said oh I love just watching lizards. Yeah I love watching them too WHEN THEY ARE NOT IN MY HOUSE! Finally my 8yr old came downstairs. I told him that we had a lizard in our house. He said animal rescue Brayden will catch him. So he went over where the lizard had gone to hide got him out and I threw the pitcher on the him (the lizard not Brayden). So he stayed trap until Todd got home about 20 minutes later. While I was trapping him I was jumping up and screaming. I did not get a picture of this guy because he was fast and he was ugly. He was skin tone color.

So the next thing happened just this morning. It is kind of disturbing to me. So I wake up and I have two text one from mom (normal) and the other from a number I don't recognize. Well when I open it up I am a little shocked as to what I saw. There was a picture of a guy exposing himself and then below it it said sweet dreams. First thought wrong number. So I wrote back and asked who it was. He then wrote back and told me his name then it clicked who it was. It was the guy who Todd had hired to mow our yard when he left us back in Indiana. This guy is around my parents age. I always felt uneasy about him and never let him in my house. I also fired him about a month before we left and got a high school kid to mow and the high school kid did a way better job. Needless to say I wrote him back and told him not to contact me again that I was happily married and it was highly inappropriate for him to send me pictures like that. Todd came in the room and I had told him who the text was from. He then wanted me to show him of course. One thing to know about Todd is when he gets mad or is in protect mode of his family he is one scary dude. He wanted to contact the idiot but I told him to hold off and see if the geezer contacted me again. Thankfully he has yet to write back. It was very disturbing tho. If the guy knows what is good for him he won't text back!

Have you ever gotten a weird text?

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Blog Star

Hello lovelies! Today I am going to link up with Mrs. Monologues for her August Blog Star! She is a new blog that I have just started to follow and I love her! She is so funny!

1. I grew up in a small town that would be considered "country" but I lived in town of it. I am the prissiest country girl ever! Every little thing scares me!

2. I have two kids both boys. One is 8 and the other one will be 2 on Sunday. (Do you see the tear) My husband lately makes me feel like I have three kids. I want another child but hopeful it would be a girl. There is just way to much penis in this house. We need another vag around!  HA HA Seriously tho my kids are the funniest people ever. I am always cracking up at them. I've got a post tomorrow about one of my kids and a lizard that was in my house. Please come back.

3. I am a natural blonde but damn the hormones is turning my hair a darker blonde. I go get highlights every 6-8 weeks. I go next week to get my roots done. I am so nervous I hope she does a good job. I am very very picky about my hair. When I started going to my friend back in Indiana I told her how my old stylist cut my hair and did everything. I am shocked we became besties out of it! lol I would drive an hour and half to get my hair done from my hometown until I found Gina!

4. The furthest that I have ever lived from my parents is 2 hours away...I am now living 1,000 miles away and it kills me but luckily for technology we facetime almost daily and I talk to my mom 3214566789 a day on the phone. I am an only child by the way.

5. I was adopted at birth. I have no clue who my birth family is. At times I want to know other times I don't care because I feel that God made the best choice for me and I have the best parents in the world. 

6. I have been married for 9 years and been with my husband for 10. Since our 5th year wedding anny I have made sure he has known that I would like an upgrade for my ring on our 10 yr wedding anny. 

7. My husband has a hard job because I was spoiled before we met and he has continued on with the tradition of spoiling me but hey who am I to complain! :) He really is a great man that is a hard worker for his family. Couldn't ask for anything better! 

8. Both times I have been out of the country has been with the husband. We went to Spain four months into us dating which was the most amazing vacation ever. We went to Mexico for my BIL and SIL wedding. We also went on a cruise for our honeymoon.

9. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins but lately I've decided once I get in the water with them I would probably freak out and get scared. Refer back to #1. 

10. I am the happiest when I have all my family next to me and near me! :)

 Todd and I in Spain

 Family pic taken 2 months after Gannon was born. Pictures were taken by Kristi Thompson with New Beginning Photography. If you are in the Indy area you HAVE to look her up! She has great prices and is very fun and easy to work with!!

Mom, Dad, and I in front of where my mamaw and papaw used to live in Florida. I spent lots of Spring Breaks here and loved every second of it!

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Where did you go?

Um that weekend went super fast! Friday I was able to start my day with the second part of my root canal. Can you tell my excitement! Usually the second appointment is to get the crown but I am the lucky one who had to go two times for them to drill and do whatever they needed to do. When I do something I do it good. I have gone 30 years with NO CAVITIES! NONE...then I turn 30 and all hell breaks loose. I skip the cavity portion and go straight to needed two roots canals. I'll take one right now. While in the dentist chair waiting on my numbing to go into affect I get a text from my Aunt Theresa who had an accident. Yes she had an accident exactly one week from when I had one. Apparently she was missing me way to much and was trying to be like me. I am after all the favorite niece! :) She was fine it was no biggie. She backed into an ATM. Yes before you go thinking how in the hell does someone back into an ATM let me explain. She was doing her business and pulling out. There was a car trying to pull into Dairy Queen and another car driving down the center of the road with her right turn signal on (there are no roads to the right just houses, so who the heck knows what that crazy car was doing). So being the nice person that she is she backed up. She felt that she hit something but didn't know what it was. She looked back and saw her taillight hanging out. So it's kind of funny now but not at the time!

Saturday started out as usual...cup of coffee planning our day. We got our new king size mattress delivered Friday. So Saturday we planned on moving our queen bed into our guest room. We can't decide on a bedroom suit we want. So we decided that we would just grab an Ikea bed to last us until we go and buy our house. (Click the link and it will show which bed we decided on) We want to buy the furniture to fit our room. So I pick out online the three Ikea bed I like. The husband goes and buys it. One thing you might want to know is they do not tell you that all the pieces do not come with the bed. So husband had to make another trip to Ikea to get the middle support. I personally think that is dumb but what do I know?  So like 4 hours later our bed was together. Insert we need bedding! We go to four different stores two of them being JCPenny. I've been in love with the Paisley designs so I picked out a Cindy Crawford Coronado set. I LOVE our new bed. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Sunday we did NOTHING. It was glorious too! The husband made fried french toast and gave 2 of the 3 dogs a bath. While he did that the kids and I decided we should go swim. We got in from swimming and Gannon went down for a nap. I decided to lay in the most comfortable bed made and I ended up taking a nap. It's been the best day ever!

Tell me what did you do this weekend?

Also if anyone would like to guest post for me next week please contact me! I've got some guest coming into town so I am going to be M.I.A. :) 

Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hey everyone its FRIDAY!!! This morning started out with a bang! Gannon decided sleeping was for the birds and was up by 4AM. Yes you read that correctly 4AM! So I had two cups of coffee before 5. I had to go to the dentist to get my root canal partly finished. It took 6 shots to get my mouth totally numb! I love my Dr. though. He is so so so nice! If you ever need a dentist I highly recommend Dr. So. The staff is so friendly. He really takes his time and explains everything to you. I had never had a cavity and I skipped cavity and went straight to root canal. He explained every step of the way of what he was doing. We purchased a new mattress last weekend. It was delivered a few minutes ago. Now all we need is a new bed. I think for now until we find one that we like we will just sleep on our mattress. I am totally okay with that. I hate out old one. That also means I need new sheets!! I love picking out new bedding and sheets and what not.

The adjuster finally looked at my car from last Fridays accident. It will be in the body shop for no more than two weeks. The guy did about 4k worth of damage to it. While I was at the dentist I got a call from my Aunt T she was involved in an accident. Clearly she was jealous of me getting in one a week prior and wanted to try to match me! HA HA No seriously she is fine thank goodness. I am excited because her and my Uncle J are coming to visit in November!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend! Do you have any plans? 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Furniture moving

So today I woke up and I was in total cleaning mode. I mean I clean like all the time anyways. I like things picked up and in order. It gets my nerves going with a lot of things out of place. Yes I have two boys and I am picking up toys after them ALL. THE. TIME!! Wait I am also picking up stuff after my husband all the time too. Example this morning I am thinking he had a black undershirt on and took it off. Most people would put it back but he just left it on the bathroom counter. So that was put away. So last night our light in our dining room went out. We ate with the blinds open. I told Todd I felt Amish. He didn't change the light. So this morning I was getting ready to make the kids breakfast and I was talking to mom and we were laughing that it would be funny if I moved the table into the breakfast nook. So once the boys were done eating I did just that. I drug the table through the hall/entry through the family room (the coffee table had to get moved and one of the recliners) and pushed that baby right into the nook. So I told Todd that we HAD to facetime. So once he was out of his meeting he called me and I told him that I had done some rearranging today. He said is that what was so important. YES! I pointed the camera toward the dining room and in mid sentence he stopped talking and asked where the table I proudly showed him. His face was priceless! :) So all because he didn't change a bulb.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Did you guys watch the USA Gymnast win Gold last night? I sure did! It gave me chills!! I am a HUGE gymnastics fan anyways. I started gymnastics at the age of three and had to stop around the age of 17. The time I was in gymnastics are some of my best memories ever. I made the greatest friends and all the traveling we did together was the best. I got to see some awesome places around the US that I probably wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

(All pictures came from yahoo)

These are just a few of my fave pictures! I LOVED Gabby before the Olympics and I am even more in love with her now! I can not wait for the all around finals!  I was all over twitter last night while the competition was going on. Can I say how disappointed I am that the media did leak the results before it aired in the US? I don't remember it being leaked last time.

What is your favorite Olympic sport?