Monday, August 6, 2012

Where did you go?

Um that weekend went super fast! Friday I was able to start my day with the second part of my root canal. Can you tell my excitement! Usually the second appointment is to get the crown but I am the lucky one who had to go two times for them to drill and do whatever they needed to do. When I do something I do it good. I have gone 30 years with NO CAVITIES! NONE...then I turn 30 and all hell breaks loose. I skip the cavity portion and go straight to needed two roots canals. I'll take one right now. While in the dentist chair waiting on my numbing to go into affect I get a text from my Aunt Theresa who had an accident. Yes she had an accident exactly one week from when I had one. Apparently she was missing me way to much and was trying to be like me. I am after all the favorite niece! :) She was fine it was no biggie. She backed into an ATM. Yes before you go thinking how in the hell does someone back into an ATM let me explain. She was doing her business and pulling out. There was a car trying to pull into Dairy Queen and another car driving down the center of the road with her right turn signal on (there are no roads to the right just houses, so who the heck knows what that crazy car was doing). So being the nice person that she is she backed up. She felt that she hit something but didn't know what it was. She looked back and saw her taillight hanging out. So it's kind of funny now but not at the time!

Saturday started out as usual...cup of coffee planning our day. We got our new king size mattress delivered Friday. So Saturday we planned on moving our queen bed into our guest room. We can't decide on a bedroom suit we want. So we decided that we would just grab an Ikea bed to last us until we go and buy our house. (Click the link and it will show which bed we decided on) We want to buy the furniture to fit our room. So I pick out online the three Ikea bed I like. The husband goes and buys it. One thing you might want to know is they do not tell you that all the pieces do not come with the bed. So husband had to make another trip to Ikea to get the middle support. I personally think that is dumb but what do I know?  So like 4 hours later our bed was together. Insert we need bedding! We go to four different stores two of them being JCPenny. I've been in love with the Paisley designs so I picked out a Cindy Crawford Coronado set. I LOVE our new bed. LOVE LOVE LOVE

Sunday we did NOTHING. It was glorious too! The husband made fried french toast and gave 2 of the 3 dogs a bath. While he did that the kids and I decided we should go swim. We got in from swimming and Gannon went down for a nap. I decided to lay in the most comfortable bed made and I ended up taking a nap. It's been the best day ever!

Tell me what did you do this weekend?

Also if anyone would like to guest post for me next week please contact me! I've got some guest coming into town so I am going to be M.I.A. :) 


  1. I LOVE your bedding!!! SO cute! I've been looking for a new style for my room since I have had mine since we got married about 4 years ago. I never knew CC had a line!! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. the weekends always go by way way way too fast!
    and i love love love sundays filled with absolutely nothing :)

    p.s. i'm your newest follower :)

    xo brie


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