Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lizards and Inappropriate Text

So you know the saying everything is bigger in Texas? What you don't hear is how all kinds of darn critters can get into your house so quickly! Monday night I am in the kitchen getting Gannon a sippy with some milk. Next thing I see is something running across the is a baby lizard. If you read the post yesterday you will remember I am the prissiest country girl every. I don't do bugs, critters, sharks, ect. Well I did what any female would do of course. I walked around the house with a pitcher to trap the thing. I also sent a text to my husband who was at a business dinner to let him know we had something in the house. His response was "LOL". So I called my dad. Dad said oh I love just watching lizards. Yeah I love watching them too WHEN THEY ARE NOT IN MY HOUSE! Finally my 8yr old came downstairs. I told him that we had a lizard in our house. He said animal rescue Brayden will catch him. So he went over where the lizard had gone to hide got him out and I threw the pitcher on the him (the lizard not Brayden). So he stayed trap until Todd got home about 20 minutes later. While I was trapping him I was jumping up and screaming. I did not get a picture of this guy because he was fast and he was ugly. He was skin tone color.

So the next thing happened just this morning. It is kind of disturbing to me. So I wake up and I have two text one from mom (normal) and the other from a number I don't recognize. Well when I open it up I am a little shocked as to what I saw. There was a picture of a guy exposing himself and then below it it said sweet dreams. First thought wrong number. So I wrote back and asked who it was. He then wrote back and told me his name then it clicked who it was. It was the guy who Todd had hired to mow our yard when he left us back in Indiana. This guy is around my parents age. I always felt uneasy about him and never let him in my house. I also fired him about a month before we left and got a high school kid to mow and the high school kid did a way better job. Needless to say I wrote him back and told him not to contact me again that I was happily married and it was highly inappropriate for him to send me pictures like that. Todd came in the room and I had told him who the text was from. He then wanted me to show him of course. One thing to know about Todd is when he gets mad or is in protect mode of his family he is one scary dude. He wanted to contact the idiot but I told him to hold off and see if the geezer contacted me again. Thankfully he has yet to write back. It was very disturbing tho. If the guy knows what is good for him he won't text back!

Have you ever gotten a weird text?

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