Thursday, August 2, 2012

Furniture moving

So today I woke up and I was in total cleaning mode. I mean I clean like all the time anyways. I like things picked up and in order. It gets my nerves going with a lot of things out of place. Yes I have two boys and I am picking up toys after them ALL. THE. TIME!! Wait I am also picking up stuff after my husband all the time too. Example this morning I am thinking he had a black undershirt on and took it off. Most people would put it back but he just left it on the bathroom counter. So that was put away. So last night our light in our dining room went out. We ate with the blinds open. I told Todd I felt Amish. He didn't change the light. So this morning I was getting ready to make the kids breakfast and I was talking to mom and we were laughing that it would be funny if I moved the table into the breakfast nook. So once the boys were done eating I did just that. I drug the table through the hall/entry through the family room (the coffee table had to get moved and one of the recliners) and pushed that baby right into the nook. So I told Todd that we HAD to facetime. So once he was out of his meeting he called me and I told him that I had done some rearranging today. He said is that what was so important. YES! I pointed the camera toward the dining room and in mid sentence he stopped talking and asked where the table I proudly showed him. His face was priceless! :) So all because he didn't change a bulb.

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