Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Two Year Check

This morning Gannon had his two year check up. We waited 45 minutes before they called us back. Then we were with the doctor for an hour! Needless to say the little appointment desk forgot to let the doctor know that we had arrived. So once it was our time big man was ready! He jumped on that scale like a big boy and weighed a whole 26lbs. Then it was time for him to see how tall he was and he was a whole 36 inches! I think I am going to have a little shorty on my hands. He was making us laugh he kept telling the doctor "I did it" when he would get off the table alone. He opened his mouth perfectly so she could look in he even had that "ahhh" sound too. He is right on track for everything and of course he is perfect! :)

 He is always all smiles! :)

Sleepy Spidey after a big day out in Galveston!


  1. I can't wait to kiss his cheeks!! lol

  2. he is too cute and that pic with the spiderman mask is priceless!


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