Friday, August 3, 2012

Happy Friday!

Hey everyone its FRIDAY!!! This morning started out with a bang! Gannon decided sleeping was for the birds and was up by 4AM. Yes you read that correctly 4AM! So I had two cups of coffee before 5. I had to go to the dentist to get my root canal partly finished. It took 6 shots to get my mouth totally numb! I love my Dr. though. He is so so so nice! If you ever need a dentist I highly recommend Dr. So. The staff is so friendly. He really takes his time and explains everything to you. I had never had a cavity and I skipped cavity and went straight to root canal. He explained every step of the way of what he was doing. We purchased a new mattress last weekend. It was delivered a few minutes ago. Now all we need is a new bed. I think for now until we find one that we like we will just sleep on our mattress. I am totally okay with that. I hate out old one. That also means I need new sheets!! I love picking out new bedding and sheets and what not.

The adjuster finally looked at my car from last Fridays accident. It will be in the body shop for no more than two weeks. The guy did about 4k worth of damage to it. While I was at the dentist I got a call from my Aunt T she was involved in an accident. Clearly she was jealous of me getting in one a week prior and wanted to try to match me! HA HA No seriously she is fine thank goodness. I am excited because her and my Uncle J are coming to visit in November!

I hope everyone has a fun weekend! Do you have any plans? 


  1. Sorry to hear about your root canal, eeek! Sounds painful!

    And I am even more sorry to hear about the kiddo being up at 4am!! Hopefully he took a nap later that day though??

    Isn't getting a new bed the best?! We just bought a Tempurpedic about a year ago (Hubs works at Mattress Firm) and we LOOOVE it and not we need to buy a new comforter (the one we have is black and with two dogs, it just doesn't work out very well!)

  2. Uh! 4 AM wake ups make me SO grumpy! Don't you wish you could hypnotize little ones to sleep sometimes?? lol!!
    PS: Check out HomeGoods on I-10 and Blalock. They have super cute bed stuff for on the cheap!


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