Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Hey ya'll I hope you guys had a great Monday! We just kind of hung out since my parents left and it was way to quiet here! I. did. not. like. it!  Toward the end of last week was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster. As you may have read in one of my post on Friday my son has to have a pretty big deal ear surgery. Friday morning we also found out he needs to have eye surgery too. He was diagnosed with a condition called Esotropia. Most people may know this by being crossed eye'd. To be honest you can not really tell he is. I can now more since they have pointed it out more. I went back and looked at a few pictures and could tell.

Here in this picture you can tell that his eyes are not focused straight. I have had three opinions. We have tried the glasses (he was very good about wearing them too) which has not made the eye stronger. We have not tried therapy yet but I am not sure therapy is the way to go for him. Now we have the surgery. As far as the surgery they will clip the outside muscle on the eye and move it. Then the brain will retrain the eye to go straight. We are not doing this for cosmetic reasons. We notice that when he is doing a paper for school or concentrating really hard he is constantly rubbing his eyes. So it shows there that he is trying to focus. There is a chance that he may need surgery in the future. I think with any surgery there is always a chance for another one. Once the surgery is complete he will go in for follow ups. The Opthamologist may put him back into some light strength glasses.

All I have done is stress and research about the eye and ears. I have contacted both of my doctors back in Indiana and I am awaiting their email and/or phone call. I have looked up the doctors to make sure they both were board certified and to look up their reviews and what not. We have scheduled his eye surgery for September 12. We were going to wait until Christmas break but we do not want it to affect his schooling. His ear surgery is October 26. We have not scheduled the surgery for his other ear but we are going to try to make it right after Christmas so he has some of the break to recover. If you know of anyone that has Esotropia and/or has gone through this kind of surgery please please comment. :)

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