Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Country Roots goes Bohemian!!

Good morning from Bohemian Treehouse! I'm so excited that Lindsey has let me be a part of the wonderful world of Country Roots City Living.. I am also a Texas girl, but my roots are not country or city.. They are bohemian.. I like to thrift, decorate, up-cycle, drink wine and blog on bohemian interior design. My favorite things about bohemian decor is the "no rules" style.
Bohemian spaces have bright colors, a mix of styles, lots of fabrics, art and funky finds.  Here are a couple of my absolute FAVORITE rooms.

 This is Justina Blakeny's home. This bright rug, pendant light and chairs make this room so lovely.

Bohemian interiors always have a cluttered mess of art! It looks effortlessly messy! 
Okay, I know ivory is soooo not cool in this bedroom. But I love these pieces. I'm going to pretend its faux ivory inlay. :)

Love  this blue room. It may be my absolute favorite. Ivory inlayed items, color, gallery wall with plates, pink ( I love pink) and a great chandelier 

The bohemian look is easy to get.. Just mix in color, some ethnic art, a gallery wall, a great chandelier, textures ( like fur, ivory, copper and wood) and make a mess of it and enjoy!!

So much fun.. As you can tell I'm quite obsessed with the boho! Please come visit me sometime if you share my affliction!! Thanks again Lindsey!! Hope your week is fabulous!!!

Thank you for taking over and sharing your style!!

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