Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend Recap

I am really sucking at keeping up this blog. I am sorry! :( There is just so much on my plate right now with getting ready to move us that I am just busy with everyday life and then add on the extra's of the move. I will try to better. Promise!

Friday my parents came up because mom had a doctors appointment. We decided to follow them home and stay the night. We ended up ordering from my favorite pizza place at home called Joe's pizza. It was so yummy! I took my Kindle with me and read 50 Shades of Grey. I started it on Thursday and finished it on Sunday. Excellent book!

Saturday we woke up and ended up coming home around 2. We just hung out and spent some time with my parents. Once we got home we got into our pj's and watched a couple movies together. Once the kids went to bed I again read some more on 50 Shades of Grey.

Sunday we decided it was going to be a lazy pj day. We hung out as a family and watched tv, movies, and played toys.While Gannon napped I read some of my book and once the kids went to bed I finished my book. Of course once the books was finished the bff got a text letting her know I finished it. She is the one who got me reading it.

This was the first weekend we really didn't have any plans at all. It was fun to get calls and pictures from Todd. This weekend he ended up going to a drag race. On Sunday he got passes to go into the VIP area and sweet passes. He called Sunday night and he had me turn on ESPN2 so I could watch and see where they were sitting. Pretty cool!

How was everyone's weekend?
XO -Lins

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Happy Birthday Brayden

Today Brayden you are 8 years old! I am not sure where the time has gone. This past weekend we celebrated your birthday by having a pool party and inviting a few of your friends. In the middle of the party you came up to me and gave me a huge hug and told me this was the best birthday ever!  I am so glad that we could make it a great party. Here are a few things that you like.

What is your favorite toy? Transformer named Destinator
What is your favorite color? Yellow
Who is your best friend at school? Charlie
What is your favorite thing about school? I like doing the ipad at school
What is your favorite food? Chicken cook (chicken patties)
What is your favorite movie? Transformers
What is your favorite place to go? The Children's Museum
What is your favorite sport? Basketball
What is your favorite team? IU

XO -Lins

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Rambling

Okay so I am going to warn you now this post is going to go a few different directions so sorry. :)

1. Gannon is 20 months today! I can't believe it. I took him to the doctor Monday because he has had a cold for 10+ days. He is so tiny he weighs 24.5 lbs. I promise you he eats but I think because he goes non stop he just burns so much energy. When I was carrying him I kept calling him monkey. He truly is our monkey. He is climbing and jumping on everything.

2. Saturday the boys had their pictures taken. I was seriously chasing him everywhere. I really don't know how Kristi (our picture lady) kept so calm. My nerves were shot. She knows us tho. She has taken Brayden's pictures since he was around 2. We took their pictures by a barn and in a field. By the time we got home Gannon was sound asleep.

3. Yesterday I met with two moving companies. I am not gonna lie I had my mom txt me during the first one. She called me before I was suppose to meet with the second one to see if I wanted her to txt me again. I told her I was fine at that time. I am suppose to meet with two more on Monday. I am almost tempted to cancel the Monday appointment. I already know who I want to go with I think.

4. I hope that my husband finds us a house to live in down there soon. It makes me nervous that we won't have a place. He tells me to chill he will take care of it. I am high strung what can I say.

5. I am pretty excited that I am suppose to see the bestie on Saturday. It's always a good time when her and I get together. We go back to when we were 13 yrs old! LOL Throughout the day if one of us hears a song that we like then we start texting the song to each other.

6. Pretty proud of Brayden, two months in a row he has earned the character trait for that month at school. His two awards are hanging on the fridge. Took a picture of it and sent it to Todd, my parents, an his parents. I got phone calls and emails telling him great job and everyone was proud of him.

 This is how he was laying when I went to wake him up this morning. I am thinking he looks pretty darn adorable. :)

XO -Lins

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So our home sold over the weekend. It was pretty exciting and a test on the good ol nerves at the same time. We ended up having a showing on Friday and two at the same time on Saturday. Needless to say it got into a bidding war which is fantastic for us. We picked the offer we are going with and signed all the paper work yesterday. We close in about a month and have to move out by June 3. I have mixed emotions on leaving our home. We have had it up for sale a few times then end up backing out. The last time we had it up we got an offer and I chickened out. This is the home we brought out oldest to when he was 4 months old and the home we brought our youngest to when he was born. We have done some work out in the backyard that will be sad to see go. My daddy, Todd, and his dad built our deck on our house almost two yrs ago. That will be sad. Everytime I look at it I remember that fun day. I guess that is what they are memories. In our new place in Houston we will make new memories. I am not sure it will feel like home right away. We are going to rent for a yr so we can make sure we like the area and schools and what not. My mom has always said home is where you are with your family.

On that note I have movers coming out to give us estimates. I have decided I am going to finish boxing us up to help save some money. I think next weekend I am going to start boxing up pictures and some of the kids toys that they don't play with all the time. That way a couple days before we move out I won't have as much to do just small stuff.

Happy Hump Day!
XO -Lins

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spring Break 2012

This week Brayden has been on Spring Break. We have had lots of fun! Saturday I took him to a birthday party while my parents (mamaw and papaw) watched Gannon. Sunday we talked mamaw into staying with us an extra night and then went to my hometown of Bloomfield on Monday for the afternoon and stayed the night. Gannon and I came back home Tuesday and will go back down and get Brayden tomorrow. While down in Bloomfield on Monday we made a hot air balloon, he has went to get a new transformer with papaw named Soundwave, watched movies with mamaw, and has even gone scuba diving in the bath tub. :) This boy is not spoiled by any means. Gannon has been my sidekick this week and has helped folding laundry, watched some cartoons in mommy and daddy's bed and then slept on mommy. All in all I think this has been a pretty good Spring Break so far!

On Friday I think Brayden might get to spend the day with Grandpa and Grandma. Saturday I take the boys to get their pictures taken by the Amazing Kristi over at New Beginnings Photography.  Kristi has taken Brayden's pictures since he was two and let me tell you she is amaze! She is the sweetest person in the world and does the best job on the pictures. I can't believe this will be the last time for Kristi to take the boys pictures since we are moving in a few weeks. :( Kristi I am gonna miss you!!!  We decided that we are going to do the pictures in a field and a barn. I can't wait to see how they turn out! She has the best eye and snaps some of the pictures that I didn't even knew she snapped until I am looking at the proofs. I'll have to upload those pictures for another post one day.

Here are some of our photos from this week for Spring Break! :) Enjoy!

Hot Air Balllon
Just got a new haircut...he had some swagger when coming out of the barber chair
Helping folding laundry
Watching cartoons

Sleeping on part of the day with him

Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend started out with a bang. My parents kept telling me to stay around home on Friday. They were coming up Saturday for sure to stay the night with me. Mom told me that they wanted to go eat once they got to my house. Well it was going to be around 8 pm when we would go eat. There was no way I was gonna take the kids out at that time just to eat. I went ahead and started supper and feeding the kids we had just sat down and someone came knocking at my door. My best friend Lori Beth and friend Lynn came and surprised me with pizza, breadsticks, wings, and beer. What a great Friday night! Lori Beth kept taking pictures but I am not going to post them because well it brought tears to my eyes and I kept crying (good cry) and I looked terrible! So thanks girls! I love ya for coming up and cheering me up. You guys are true friends!!

Saturday my parents showed up for real this time! Once they got to the house I had to go run an errand and then I took Brayden to a birthday party. Brayden and I had the most fun when we were able to go play some video games. Once we were out of tokens we decided to leave and go hang out with my parents (mamaw and papaw). Once we put the kids to bed my parents and I stayed up watching basketball and then SNL. I don't think we went to bed before 1 AM. It was fun just hanging out and talking with them.

Sunday we woke up and I put them to work! HA Daddy is so tall that I had him doing some spring cleaning on things I couldn't reach. We had a showing on our house so I did some cleaning. I had went and got some tulips to put out in a couple of rooms. I am not sure how the showing went we haven't gotten any feedback yet. I hope we get an offer on our house soon. It really needs to sell before we move to Houston! I did talk mom into staying one extra night with us. Since Brayden is on Spring Break this week we decided to come down and stay the night with them tonight at their house.

Did you do anything fun this past weekend? 
XO -Lins