Monday, April 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend started out with a bang. My parents kept telling me to stay around home on Friday. They were coming up Saturday for sure to stay the night with me. Mom told me that they wanted to go eat once they got to my house. Well it was going to be around 8 pm when we would go eat. There was no way I was gonna take the kids out at that time just to eat. I went ahead and started supper and feeding the kids we had just sat down and someone came knocking at my door. My best friend Lori Beth and friend Lynn came and surprised me with pizza, breadsticks, wings, and beer. What a great Friday night! Lori Beth kept taking pictures but I am not going to post them because well it brought tears to my eyes and I kept crying (good cry) and I looked terrible! So thanks girls! I love ya for coming up and cheering me up. You guys are true friends!!

Saturday my parents showed up for real this time! Once they got to the house I had to go run an errand and then I took Brayden to a birthday party. Brayden and I had the most fun when we were able to go play some video games. Once we were out of tokens we decided to leave and go hang out with my parents (mamaw and papaw). Once we put the kids to bed my parents and I stayed up watching basketball and then SNL. I don't think we went to bed before 1 AM. It was fun just hanging out and talking with them.

Sunday we woke up and I put them to work! HA Daddy is so tall that I had him doing some spring cleaning on things I couldn't reach. We had a showing on our house so I did some cleaning. I had went and got some tulips to put out in a couple of rooms. I am not sure how the showing went we haven't gotten any feedback yet. I hope we get an offer on our house soon. It really needs to sell before we move to Houston! I did talk mom into staying one extra night with us. Since Brayden is on Spring Break this week we decided to come down and stay the night with them tonight at their house.

Did you do anything fun this past weekend? 
XO -Lins

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  1. i knew you needed your bestie!!!! LB & Lynn to save the day!!! Love you chicky!!! so glad i was able to keep that a secret and stuff, cause you know i cant keep ANYTHING from you!!! hehe! love you doll!!!! :)


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