Wednesday, April 11, 2012

So our home sold over the weekend. It was pretty exciting and a test on the good ol nerves at the same time. We ended up having a showing on Friday and two at the same time on Saturday. Needless to say it got into a bidding war which is fantastic for us. We picked the offer we are going with and signed all the paper work yesterday. We close in about a month and have to move out by June 3. I have mixed emotions on leaving our home. We have had it up for sale a few times then end up backing out. The last time we had it up we got an offer and I chickened out. This is the home we brought out oldest to when he was 4 months old and the home we brought our youngest to when he was born. We have done some work out in the backyard that will be sad to see go. My daddy, Todd, and his dad built our deck on our house almost two yrs ago. That will be sad. Everytime I look at it I remember that fun day. I guess that is what they are memories. In our new place in Houston we will make new memories. I am not sure it will feel like home right away. We are going to rent for a yr so we can make sure we like the area and schools and what not. My mom has always said home is where you are with your family.

On that note I have movers coming out to give us estimates. I have decided I am going to finish boxing us up to help save some money. I think next weekend I am going to start boxing up pictures and some of the kids toys that they don't play with all the time. That way a couple days before we move out I won't have as much to do just small stuff.

Happy Hump Day!
XO -Lins


  1. Congrats on the house selling. I started the moving process over a month ago and I am still working on it. It is hard to take care of two and move, because you cant completely pack everything. Highchairs, walkers, toys have to be moved back and forth. Is the company paying for your move? I hope so..... its expensive!! We decided to have the movers just move the furniture and we move everything else. We are also going to provide the truck and drive it ourselves, and have a company unload it on the other side.

  2. OK, not sure why it said unknown, its Crystal.

  3. Hey Crystal,
    I think you have to be a follower for it to add your name! LOL We are going to have movers since its a 1,000 mile move but Todd is going to drive my car and our dogs. The boys and I will fly down when our items have been delivered. This move is stressful!!!


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