Friday, March 30, 2012

Confession Friday

Alright I haven't linked up with Leslie over at a Blonde Ambition for a couple of weeks so I thought it might be time to do it. So let's get started shall we?

1. I confess that I have not blogged for about two weeks. When I started the blog I was all about it and all about getting followers but the past couple of weeks life has happened and I have had zero time to blog. When I am able to sit down I am not in the mood or to tired to write something.

2. My mom came and stayed with us for a few days last week and I must admit I got very spoiled by her coming. We ate out every night she was here and then in the mornings once we dropped Brayden off at school we would make a run to Starbucks.

3. I am the kind of person that needs my sleep and I do not do well if I run on very little sleep. Here lately I can not sleep worth a crap. If I go to bed early I just toss and turn. Last night I didn't fall asleep until 4:30 in the morning and I was back up by 7:30 AM. I think it is rubbing off on Gannon because he is becoming a crap sleeper in the middle of the night also.

4. I just started back on twitter again. It has been fun because the past couple of evenings my two besties and I have been tweeting up a storm to each other. If you are on twitter come find me @Linzer_00

5. I really suck when I say I am going on a diet because I will start it and stay on it for a few weeks then stop. So my goal is to get healthier and loose some weight and not call it a diet just call it a change of lifestyle. I am going to try to go Vegetarian. Although I do not eat a lot of red meat I do eat chicken. So I am going to try to convert.

So tell me your confessions :)

XO -Lins

Thursday, March 29, 2012


If you had a choice between Kindle Fire and an Ipad what would you go with and why? Note that I already have the plain Kindle reader the touchscreen. 

XO -Lins

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Long time no talk

So I haven't really meant to not blog for a couple of weeks. Things have been so crazy around this place. We have been packing up a storm and trying to get everything lined up and the house sold. We have been having several showings but no offer on the house yet! I hope that by the time we move to Houston our house will be sold. I think once that happens that will be a huge stress relief for me.  We recently just lowered the price so we can be more aggressive and competitive.

Since December my mom has had three major surgeries. I think she is on the uphill to recovery. She has one more yet but I think she is going to let her body rest before she has the other one. She is a strong lady for going through all of this. She has had two back surgeries and one knee replacement. The next surgery she will have will be her other knee replaced.

On Monday we Skyped with my sister in law, brother in law, and nephew. Gannon loved seeing Rowan on the computer. He kept trying to talk to him. He got very excited.

I believe I have caught ya'll up on our life. If you live in Houston leave me a message maybe we can do a meet up once we get moved down there!

XO -Lins

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Exciting News

So there have been some exciting things going on around our household. I have been waiting to write this post and announcement forever it seems like. My husband is taking a new job! The job is moving us from Indiana to Houston Texas. We have never been to Houston before! We have never been to Texas before!

This is him the hubs...who doesn't take pictures of themselves while at work. Actually I think he gets bored and takes copious amounts of pictures of true. I find tones of different poses all the time. Anyway he is taking another job and I couldn't be more proud of him. He has worked so hard at his other job and providing for our family. In the 11 years work at his job I think he has called in sick maybe twice. He is not one to miss work and he is one to follow through on his word. He is one of the hardest working guys I know.

It was a huge family decision on if we should take the leap and move to a place we have never been or stay in the same cycle. I wanted to be a supportive wife and support my husband and his career. Obviously we put the kids first in our discussion. The schools are the most important thing for us. This was one of the deciding factors. As of right now we are still trying to find a place to live in Houston. The plan is to rent for the first year to make sure we like the area we are in.

So babe: Thank you for being a great provider for our family. You always put our family first and yourself last. You are such a hard worker. I am so proud of you for the name and the respect you have earned for yourself in your line of work. I know as our adventure to Houston starts you will grow so much and continue making a great name for yourself. You are a great role model for our boys. The boys and I love you so much and we couldn't be more proud of you!

XO -Lins

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Recap + Monday

How was everyone's weekend? Our weekend was pretty good if I do say so myself. Friday we had the storms. About 10 mins before I had to go pick Brayden up from school it started to hail. I was hoping it would stop before I left the house and it did! The sky still looked a little weird so I called our listing agent for our house we were suppose to have a showing from 4-6 that day. I told him I called the showing company and let them know since the weather was bad I didn't want to take my kids out in the tornado warning weather. They were still more than welcome to come and check the house out and we would stay in one of my kids rooms out of their way. They cancelled. So my agent called to see if they would reschedule. Supposedly they are going to but we have yet to get a call. So I think it is their loss.

Saturday we had another showing so I decided I would take both our kids to Pizza King. The Pizza King here will bring your drinks to you on a little train. Well if you are a 7 year old little boy that is just the most awesome thing in the world. Once we got done eating we went over to my husbands work so our oldest could go and hang with dad at work. The boys came home from a long afternoon or working and flying helicopters in the warehouse. We ended up having a chill evening of watching Indiana Jones and me reading my Kindle.

Sunday we went to my parents house and hung out for the day. I made us Sunday dinner which was extremely yummy it was Taco Casserole. Message me if you want the deats. We came home and got ready for the week to begin.

Monday comes along and I was awaken by my husband as he is getting ready for work to help our son Brayden. Brayd has a habit of picking things i.e. paint off his wall, his lip, nose, ect. Well he ended up picking the nose in the night and didn't come to get us. So there was blood everywhere gross right. So that was a great way to start off a Monday. It ended up getting better. My parents came up and stayed the night with us because mom had surgery today. So I made us a huge dinner and it was fun just to hang out and let my parents experience our nightly adventures.

I hope you all had a great weekend!
XO -Lins

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog dummy

Okay so I am not so great with the whole blog ordeal. My blog is pretty plain and not exciting. Can anyone give me tips on how to jazz it up a little? Also I am trying to delete some blogs that I follow that haven't really written anything in it for months. I keep clicking on unsubscribe in reader but obviously it does not want to listen to me! Tips??

XO -Lins

Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello lovelies

I am SO glad it is Friday! TGIF. I dont know why but this week has seemed like it has just  drug on and on. So the husband came in to tell me goodbye this morning and started a conversation with me...mind you it's like 6:30 I am laying in bed trying to wake up and answer whatever he is talking about then all three of our dogs get excited and jump on the bed. Daisy decides that she would sit on my back and give daddy some loves. Our dogs are crazy. Needless to say along with their breakfast this morning they have already had cheese as a treat and a dog treat. They had cheese because Ollie had to take his medicine. He has a double ear infection :(.

Do you guys have any plans for this weekend? I don't think we have major plans. Today we have a showing on our house and we have another showing tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers that we get an offer! Saturday the husband has to work BOO but he will get off work by three. Sunday we are going to go to my parents house. My mom is having back surgery on Tuesday and she will be down for a good four weeks so her and daddy need to have their time with the kids. 

So with having an 18 month old I watch a lot of cartoons. Some of them are just strange and the others I half way enjoy. The Wiggles cracks me up. I was watching it one day and noticed the yellow wiggle looks exactly like my brother in law. So I had the husband watch it. He cracked up and of course agreed then we had to show his parents and my sister in law. It seriously looks like him even tho it is not.
Gannon is a good sport when it comes to watching adult shows. We like to watch Ellen and Live with Kelly. It is so funny when the audience claps he will stand there and is the cutest thing. Yesterday I saved the show (I DVR it everyday) so the husband could watch it. We both cracked up. I love that this fan let her put her in a box. I have to admit I do have Bieber fever! He is just a nice kid all around.

Anyway I am done with my rambling for the day. Hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend!

XO -Lins