Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Weekend Recap + Monday

How was everyone's weekend? Our weekend was pretty good if I do say so myself. Friday we had the storms. About 10 mins before I had to go pick Brayden up from school it started to hail. I was hoping it would stop before I left the house and it did! The sky still looked a little weird so I called our listing agent for our house we were suppose to have a showing from 4-6 that day. I told him I called the showing company and let them know since the weather was bad I didn't want to take my kids out in the tornado warning weather. They were still more than welcome to come and check the house out and we would stay in one of my kids rooms out of their way. They cancelled. So my agent called to see if they would reschedule. Supposedly they are going to but we have yet to get a call. So I think it is their loss.

Saturday we had another showing so I decided I would take both our kids to Pizza King. The Pizza King here will bring your drinks to you on a little train. Well if you are a 7 year old little boy that is just the most awesome thing in the world. Once we got done eating we went over to my husbands work so our oldest could go and hang with dad at work. The boys came home from a long afternoon or working and flying helicopters in the warehouse. We ended up having a chill evening of watching Indiana Jones and me reading my Kindle.

Sunday we went to my parents house and hung out for the day. I made us Sunday dinner which was extremely yummy it was Taco Casserole. Message me if you want the deats. We came home and got ready for the week to begin.

Monday comes along and I was awaken by my husband as he is getting ready for work to help our son Brayden. Brayd has a habit of picking things i.e. paint off his wall, his lip, nose, ect. Well he ended up picking the nose in the night and didn't come to get us. So there was blood everywhere gross right. So that was a great way to start off a Monday. It ended up getting better. My parents came up and stayed the night with us because mom had surgery today. So I made us a huge dinner and it was fun just to hang out and let my parents experience our nightly adventures.

I hope you all had a great weekend!
XO -Lins

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