Friday, March 2, 2012


Hello lovelies

I am SO glad it is Friday! TGIF. I dont know why but this week has seemed like it has just  drug on and on. So the husband came in to tell me goodbye this morning and started a conversation with me...mind you it's like 6:30 I am laying in bed trying to wake up and answer whatever he is talking about then all three of our dogs get excited and jump on the bed. Daisy decides that she would sit on my back and give daddy some loves. Our dogs are crazy. Needless to say along with their breakfast this morning they have already had cheese as a treat and a dog treat. They had cheese because Ollie had to take his medicine. He has a double ear infection :(.

Do you guys have any plans for this weekend? I don't think we have major plans. Today we have a showing on our house and we have another showing tomorrow. I am crossing my fingers that we get an offer! Saturday the husband has to work BOO but he will get off work by three. Sunday we are going to go to my parents house. My mom is having back surgery on Tuesday and she will be down for a good four weeks so her and daddy need to have their time with the kids. 

So with having an 18 month old I watch a lot of cartoons. Some of them are just strange and the others I half way enjoy. The Wiggles cracks me up. I was watching it one day and noticed the yellow wiggle looks exactly like my brother in law. So I had the husband watch it. He cracked up and of course agreed then we had to show his parents and my sister in law. It seriously looks like him even tho it is not.
Gannon is a good sport when it comes to watching adult shows. We like to watch Ellen and Live with Kelly. It is so funny when the audience claps he will stand there and is the cutest thing. Yesterday I saved the show (I DVR it everyday) so the husband could watch it. We both cracked up. I love that this fan let her put her in a box. I have to admit I do have Bieber fever! He is just a nice kid all around.

Anyway I am done with my rambling for the day. Hope ya'll have a fantastic weekend!

XO -Lins

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