Saturday, March 3, 2012

Blog dummy

Okay so I am not so great with the whole blog ordeal. My blog is pretty plain and not exciting. Can anyone give me tips on how to jazz it up a little? Also I am trying to delete some blogs that I follow that haven't really written anything in it for months. I keep clicking on unsubscribe in reader but obviously it does not want to listen to me! Tips??

XO -Lins


  1. Give me some ideas of what design your after and Ill totally love to help you figure it out! I've spent the last 4 months learning! Just email me :)

  2. That was so nice of Ashley!! I have learned that Blogger takes some "playing around with and you will get it" I promise! At first I was like - I SUCK at this! hahaha
    Just blog about what you want too and the followers and ideas WILL COME! Make it your own!!!


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