Sunday, December 18, 2011

One week before Christmas

So it's the Sunday before Christmas. I really can't believe Christmas is in ONE week! Since mom had back surgery and she can't do the rest of the shopping it has giving daddy and I some good quality time together. Last weekend I met him in a nearby town at the mall and we spent the day together. Today we decided we needed to go to a different mall in a different town to finish up a few things. I think we got most of our stuff done that we had to do together.

Once we were done dad took me to lunch to Cheeseburger in Paradise. It was pretty yummy. We both love pickles so he ordered us some friend pickles. They were good but in my opinion my hubs makes better ones. Then we both just had the beach burger. Once lunch was over we went our different ways. He had two other stores to go to and I had three boys waiting on me to get home to make cookies.

I got home around 2:30 and Brayden and I dug into making some cookies together. We ended up baking a total of five dozen cookies! One set of cookies we made were peanut butter with reece cups in them and the others were cookies n cream. By the time we were almost done making the cookies n cream ones Brayd pooped out and decided he needed to play his video games of course! So next up for the baking are chocolate covered pretzels for the hubs.

The hubs and I are going to be so busy every evening this week! I have not started wrapping one gift! He is so much better at wrapping than I am. I like to think that I am just really good and spending the money and purchasing the gifts!

Do you have all your Christmas purchased and wrapped?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Big man

Brayden is my oldest. He is 7 years old and is in first grade. I just love this kid to death. He looks like his dad but his nature and attitude is all mine. He tries so very hard at school. I am so proud of how hard he works. His first semester in first grade he made the A, B, honor roll! I think we are track to make that same honor roll again!

Here he is doing some homework right after school. Look at that concentration! :)

Today he was able to take a break from his studies. He was on his way down to the library. My kid LOVES books! BUT his Kindergarten teacher from last year snatched him up. She was missing him and wanted him to help her out in her room. He loved every second of it. He loves Mrs. Moore. I think love is a total understatement. Mrs. Moore was our first look into his school. Last year was such a great year. Todd and I LOVE her to death. We hope that she will teach Gannon when he goes to school.

This was a picture taken last year. Can you tell Brayden loves Mrs. Moore? I am so glad that we have a school where they are there for the kids. Last year and this year both his teachers will call me and let me know if he is not feeling well, if it was a hat day and he forgot to tell me, or if he is just having an all around great day and did something fabulous that day at school! All the staff we have came into contact with has been excellent but hands down Mrs. Moore should be teacher of the year. She already is in mine and my families book! :)

Do you guys like your school system that your children are in?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

To my momma

My mom is my best friend. I am daddy's little girl but I am also mommy's little girl too. Even though I am almost 30 I still call my parents mommy and daddy. I am an only child and adopted. I guess you can say I am spoiled. My parents tried for me for many years then one day was blessed with me! It's funny even though I am adopted I look at act like my family. A lot of people say I look like my dad. They also say that I look and act like my Aunt (my moms sister) My papaw swore that my aunt went off and had me for mom and dad but she promises she didn't! LOL

So tomorrow my momma is going in for one of her three or four surgeries she will have over the next few months. Tomorrow her first surgery will be on her back. It will be rough for her. She has a disease called Fibromyalgia. My momma is the rock of our family. There is only one other time she got really sick like this. I was still in high school, I was only a freshman I believe. The doctors actually brought her back to life twice. With being older and having my own family and not living near her it is hard. I am trying to take over while she has been down. She needs to hurry and recover because her two grandsons are ready to play play play with their mamaw!

Both of my parents are very close to my boys. I think my oldest Brayden and my mom are soul mates. He knows when mom says no to go to mamaw and he will get his way. He was the only one we had for six years! :) He knows how to work mamaw! LOL

Mom and dad have been together for the longest time. When I was growing up I watched their marriage and their relationship. I had always hoped to fine a partner that I could work together with like mom and dad worked together. It was usually mom and I a lot because dad was not only a teacher but he was also a basketball coach too. I think they make a wonderful couple. My mom is so beautiful and dad is handsome himself.

So mommy as you go into your first surgery tomorrow daddy and I will be right by your side. We will be there to hold your hand and kiss you as they wheel you off. We will be the first ones there when you wake up to tell you how great you did. I know your recovery will be hard but you have daddy and I to help you all the way. It will be tough at times and you will get frustrated with us but it's only because we all love each other. Remember growing up you always said it was "daddy, mommy, and me" now it has grown to us three plus Todd, bub, and monkey. We all will be there for you through everything. Know that you are loved so much and you are our rock that holds our family together. I still need you to teach me how to be that rock one of these days. I just hope that I can be as good as mommy to my boys as you were to me. I am the lucky one that got to be your daughter. You taught me how to be strong growing up, how to let Christ into my heart, how to be a wife, and a good mommy. You are the most unselfish person I know. You are my idol mommy. I love that I get to start my mornings talking to you on the phone and end my evenings telling you good night over the phone. Hopefully one day we will live close to each other again. When I go to bed tonight I will say an extra prayer that you will be okay and do so well tomorrow.

I love you mommy,

Love your little girl

Monday, December 5, 2011


So I have been kind of bad on updating this little bloggy! It has been a crazy few weeks. Last Wednesday both of my kids got sick and we ended up in the doctors office. It really hasnt slowed down. The baby is feeling better while our oldest is not. We ended up at the doctor today and turns out he has pnemonia. Sucky!! Hopefully he will be able to go back to school on Wednesdy because he has his first ever field trip!

Did you guys do anything fun over the weekend?