Thursday, December 15, 2011

My Big man

Brayden is my oldest. He is 7 years old and is in first grade. I just love this kid to death. He looks like his dad but his nature and attitude is all mine. He tries so very hard at school. I am so proud of how hard he works. His first semester in first grade he made the A, B, honor roll! I think we are track to make that same honor roll again!

Here he is doing some homework right after school. Look at that concentration! :)

Today he was able to take a break from his studies. He was on his way down to the library. My kid LOVES books! BUT his Kindergarten teacher from last year snatched him up. She was missing him and wanted him to help her out in her room. He loved every second of it. He loves Mrs. Moore. I think love is a total understatement. Mrs. Moore was our first look into his school. Last year was such a great year. Todd and I LOVE her to death. We hope that she will teach Gannon when he goes to school.

This was a picture taken last year. Can you tell Brayden loves Mrs. Moore? I am so glad that we have a school where they are there for the kids. Last year and this year both his teachers will call me and let me know if he is not feeling well, if it was a hat day and he forgot to tell me, or if he is just having an all around great day and did something fabulous that day at school! All the staff we have came into contact with has been excellent but hands down Mrs. Moore should be teacher of the year. She already is in mine and my families book! :)

Do you guys like your school system that your children are in?

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