Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Random Post

Do you feel like this week is never ending? I sure do! I feel like today should be Thursday and tomorrow obviously Friday! I think this week has been busy and plus we have been waiting for some important news that can't come fast enough. We are trying to sell our home. We have had it listed for something like 19 days and have had a showing every week sometimes two a week. We have a showing on Friday and Saturday. Our house is always clean. My husband is OCD and everything has to be perfect. I like a nice house but I am not as OCD as him. If you has his mother he was not this OCD at home. He would leave wet towels in his closet and his room be a mess. I guess he has grown up a little.  HA HA

This post is going a little random so stick with me mkay? :) Saturday morning we had a showing at our house. So we got up early drug the kids out in the cold and went and got a donut and to look at mini vans. Yes this momma may become a minivan momma. I told the hubs the only way was if he got me some really cool rims for it. He works in the custom wheel biz. Anyway on the way to get our donut I went to itch a place that was scratching near the shoulder blade and I popped four or five ribs out nice huh. Needless to say the chiropractor was my friend on Monday. I got back tomorrow to make sure we are still in place!

So on Monday I got a call from the school nurse that Brayden got gum stuck in his hair. Apparently he found it on the playground and thought it would be cool to put it in his hair. This momma was one happy camper let me tell you. The gum was way to thick to do the peanut butter in hair to get it out. So off we went to the barbershop!

 Tuesday was pretty quiet and easy going. Then we jump to today. Got another call from the school nurse. As my phone rang I just had a feeling it was going to be her. Well it was. Brayd got into a fight a recess. He is only in 1st grade so it wasn't a huge fight just one punch from each kid. Yes it was wrong but I am also glad he stuck up for himself. I did however tell him to go tell his teacher if that kid bothered him again. Then this evening the husband is taking one of our dogs to the vet. He has another ear infection. It seems like he gets them every two weeks. I am starting to think its allergies.

So since we have had such a crazy week I am now off to go make some comfort food...beef n noodles, rolls, mashed potatoes, and corn. Hopefully the husband will enjoy!

How has your week gone?

XO -Lins

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