Monday, February 6, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hey everyone! I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend! Did you guys watch the Superbowl? I have to say my fave commercial was the Doritio one with the Great Dane! I LOVE Great Danes!!! Anyhow shall we proceed with the weekend?

Okay Friday I picked Brayden up early from school to go to the eye doctor. He just got some bifocals and I have never dealt with bifocals before. I thought he was not seeing correctly out of the bottom part of the lens. Apparently he is, it just takes time to get used to it. Whatev he loves to wear his new glasses. I think he likes it so much because his best friend at school also has glasses. He tried to tell Todd and I that he needed glasses for a few months and I just kind of blew it off. Now I feel horrible because he really did need them. I thought he was wanting them due to his friend having them. Once that was over I ran through Wendy's and grabbed a special treat for him since he done so well at the doctor. Then we waiting on daddy to get home. Once Todd got home we all just chilled in the family room as a family and watched TV.

Saturday came and I had to wake Todd up early. He had to go to the state fairgrounds and pack up his wheel display that he had up. Side note a couple of weeks ago the Director of Marketing for the NFL called him and asked him if he could do a wheel display for a few of their VIP parties. So once he got home we got ready for Brayden's game. Papaw and Grandpa both came to watch the game. Mamaw and Grandma weren't able to make it but that's okay because once the game was over Brayden sent his snack to Grandma. Brayden then decided he needed to go stay the night with Papaw and Mamaw. So while Brayd was gone with Papaw Gannon and daddy decided to take a nap. While it was quiet in the house I watched a movie and was waiting on the IU game to come on. Once the two boys woke up we decided on Chinese for supper. Todd went and grabbed it for us then we sat and watched IU kick Purdue!

On Sunday we got up and went down to Mamaw and Papaw to visit and to pick up Brayd. We stayed most the day and hung out. It was nice to finally see them. We had not seen them for about a month. My mom had her left knee replaced so we were giving her time to recover before my wild boys came over. We ended up leaving to try to give us enough time to get home to watch the start of the Superbowl. We missed the first 10 mins but we were able to listen to it on the radio. Todd and I really enjoyed the halftime show of Madonna! We both felt she rocked it!!

Here is a pic of Gannon acting silly on Saturday. Since we had a couple of picture of Brayden of course Gannon had to get in on the action! :) Also if you are on instragram be sure to follow me. linsw00

How was your weekend?

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