Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Gannon you are 18 months

Wow where has the time gone? I do get now when people say time flies with the second child! We have been so much more relaxed with you then what we were with Brayden. If you get hurt I don't go into an instant panic. If you start to cry I let you cry for a few minutes so you can try to figure things out and solve your own problem. The past 18 months has been so much fun. I love watching you and Brayden play together. You love to try to do what big brother is doing. You are pretty easy going and you love to laugh and smile. You get to laughing so hard that you get the entire room laughing so hard that we have tears in our eyes. Your favorite thing to sleep with are your lions. You have three of them and you love to carry them around the house with you. We have yet to find a food that you do not like. You will try anything that we put in front of you. Your new favorite snack are vanilla wafers. You talk non stop. Sometimes you say words other times you are trying to and we cant understand what you are saying, you make up for it with your facial expressions.

We went to the doctor on Monday you are a tiny petite little thing. You weigh only 23lbs and are 32 3/4 inches long. The doctor says you are off the charts developmentally. You are doing a lot of things a two year old does. Two of your new things that you are doing constantly are jumping and trying to do a somersault. There are times that you will flip it over and other times you flop to the side. You will jump when we say "jump" then you will clap for yourself.

You love to watch Sesame Street and Pocoyo. When Elmo comes on you stop dead in your tracks and will not move until he is off. It is really hard to break your concentration when you are involved in a show. You are just like your big brother when he was little watching his shows. You like to go into your room and bang around on your toys. Your favorite thing is to break into big brothers room and take toys out of his room and play with them. It gets even more fun when big brother doesn't want you to have them and chases your through the house. You are starting to figure out if you pick up something that you know you are not suppose to have you will hand it to either mommy or daddy.

I can't wait to make many more great memories with you Gannon! Mommy and daddy love you so very much!

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