Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Oh my my my....

This weekend was jam packed! We will skip over Friday because we really didn't do much.We usually use Friday as a chill evening. So Saturday the husband had to work and the kids and I decided to go to my hometown and visit with my parents and hang out with the BFF. The first thing the BFF and I did we went and go mani/pedi. This was wonderful! I have never had someone massage my back for getting a mani but by golly it was FANTASTIC!

This is our wedding photo! LOL We decided to jump on the paint your ring finger a diff color bandwagon.

We spent about two hours there so we were starving by the time we were done. We decided to run across the street and eat some Mexican. It was so yummy. I could always go for chips and salsa. While we were there we decided to have an adult beverage since our kids were with either our parents or husbands. 

It was a very fun day! I can't wait until we hang out again on Saturday for our tattoos. So on Sunday Brayden was still at my parents. He didn't have school on Monday so he stayed a little longer. So the husband was pouting a little that he wasn't around. Our house was still lively with Gannon tho. Here are a couple of shots of Gannon soaking it up to have daddy all to himself!

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  1. I had a blast with you this past weekend!!! I can't wait till this weekend to get our tats! SO FUN! Kinda getting butterflies in my tummy but it will be so worth it!!! Love ya chicky!!! :)


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