Friday, February 24, 2012


Alright everyone I'm linking up with Leslie over at Blonde Ambition for her Confessional Fridays! So let's get started....

1. I know V-day passed a few weeks ago but the husband and I decided to skip it this year. We have a lot going on and we felt we should just save our money this year. Now before the judging starts the husband and I do show each other in our own way every day that we love each other. It could be just by saying I love you or by doing something special for one another. I did get him a card and had it in his car for him to see...he didn't find it until he got to work. Let's add that it was near his gear shift and radio.

2. The husband said he was getting me a new camera...I am still waiting on this bad boy. HINT HINT husband! :)

3. In April the husband and I will have been together ten years and in July it will be nine years married. Our entire relationship he has always tucked me in if we do not go to bed at the same time. I love that we do that because that is just kind of our thing. It is also funny because our fur babies (dogs) know when mommy is going to bed and they go and pile into bed with me and make it hard for husband to kiss me night.

4. The only time I have coffee here at home is when the husband makes it. Him and I make it the same way but it just taste better when he makes it. So if he doesn't make it before he leaves for work I don't drink it.

5. Last weekend BFF and I went and got mani/pedi. I wish I could go for another mani. The place we went to was AMAZING. Not only during the mani did they massage your arms but they also massaged your back too! It was so nice!

Alright those are my confessions for the week. What confessions do you have for me?

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