Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Rambling

Okay so I am going to warn you now this post is going to go a few different directions so sorry. :)

1. Gannon is 20 months today! I can't believe it. I took him to the doctor Monday because he has had a cold for 10+ days. He is so tiny he weighs 24.5 lbs. I promise you he eats but I think because he goes non stop he just burns so much energy. When I was carrying him I kept calling him monkey. He truly is our monkey. He is climbing and jumping on everything.

2. Saturday the boys had their pictures taken. I was seriously chasing him everywhere. I really don't know how Kristi (our picture lady) kept so calm. My nerves were shot. She knows us tho. She has taken Brayden's pictures since he was around 2. We took their pictures by a barn and in a field. By the time we got home Gannon was sound asleep.

3. Yesterday I met with two moving companies. I am not gonna lie I had my mom txt me during the first one. She called me before I was suppose to meet with the second one to see if I wanted her to txt me again. I told her I was fine at that time. I am suppose to meet with two more on Monday. I am almost tempted to cancel the Monday appointment. I already know who I want to go with I think.

4. I hope that my husband finds us a house to live in down there soon. It makes me nervous that we won't have a place. He tells me to chill he will take care of it. I am high strung what can I say.

5. I am pretty excited that I am suppose to see the bestie on Saturday. It's always a good time when her and I get together. We go back to when we were 13 yrs old! LOL Throughout the day if one of us hears a song that we like then we start texting the song to each other.

6. Pretty proud of Brayden, two months in a row he has earned the character trait for that month at school. His two awards are hanging on the fridge. Took a picture of it and sent it to Todd, my parents, an his parents. I got phone calls and emails telling him great job and everyone was proud of him.

 This is how he was laying when I went to wake him up this morning. I am thinking he looks pretty darn adorable. :)

XO -Lins

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  1. I love you lots!! I CANNOT wait to see you on Saturday!!! "something 'bout a truck!";) Gannon is growing up WAY TOO FAST! Makes aunt LB feel old!!!!! :)


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