Thursday, August 30, 2012

Q's Goodies

One thing you may or may not know about me is that I LOVE to bake. One of my most requested items are my chocolate chip cookies. My kids, husband, family, and friends request them often. I actually took baked some cookies last year and took them into all of Brayden's teachers when we were having an end of the year meeting to get ready for our move. They couldn't stop eating them! :) I also have always wanted to do a small bakery and sell my items. So this brings me to this little giveaway I entered a few weeks ago.

 One of the prizes was Texas Tea Cakes from Q's Goodies. I was excited and couldn't wait to get this little package. I had gone on to Q's esty page and looked at all the cute items that they made. I wanted one of everything! I'm telling you these items would be cute at a shower or as a gift. So last week I got my package from Q's Goodies! Once I ripped open the box I was greated with a cute little wrapping of my goodies! The pacakge was buble wrapped but on top was an extra goodie! Can we say SCORE! Q's added a Cherry Limeade cookie. This cookie had little bits of maraschino cherries and fresh lime zest in it. Now I am a lover of cherries and lime (when I drink soda I am always getting a cherry soda or a diet with a lime). I have to confess I did not share this one with anyone. It was sooo good! Once the Cherry Limeade cookie was gone there was a cute little note from Q's that was personalized. I love it, it added that speacial personal touch.  Then I opened up the box and found the cute little Texas shaped Tea Cakes. This was so cute, it was almost to cute to eat. But I dug right in and I am so glad I did! You could totally taste the nutmeg in it but it was not to much and not to little it was just right. I would highly recommend ordering something from Q's Goodies! 

Here is the cute little card that comes with the package. On the back is the personalized note. Sorry for the picture quality is was taken with my iphone. 

 The cute packaging. I LOVE all the pink!

Texas Tea Cake

If you haven't gone to check out Q's Goodies yet what are you waiting for? You better hurry! :) 


  1. Um, I am craving chocolate chip cookies about right now!! Feel like driving over to the galleria to bring me some?? :) hehehe

  2. Cherry limeades are my fav. so I'm thinking I"m gonna have to try that cookie!

  3. I propose that you bring your cookies to the next blogger meet-up! H-town Bloggers, who's with me? ;)


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