Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Life With The Husband

*Disclaimer I am in no way of putting my lovely husband down.

I am not sure if anyone else out here will agree with me but I honestly feel like my husband is my man child at times. I seriously feel like I am taking care of three children. My husband is 32 about to turn 33 but I seriously think he acts like he is 12. Before moving to Texas my husband was total OCD on everything. Since moving here I am constantly picking up after him. 

Can I also add the hubs has a bromance going on. It is true! Bromance called last night right before supper, they were on the phone for like a minute and hung up. Later on in the evening I go to try to find my husband (he was outside working) and I am calling for him. He is sitting on the bench out front chatting with bromance. I asked him to get off the phone for a second. I needed his full attention to do something for me, then he could get back on the phone while doing said project. Hubs got so mad and threw a temper tantrum like what my two year old would throw. I rolled my eyes and came inside and wrote bromance told him hubs was available now. He said his wife had gotten onto him. Last night I told them that the wives were going out and they were going to stay home and sit in the corner. 

I love my husband very much do not get me wrong. He works very hard for our little family. He works extra hard so I can be a stay at home mom. Sometimes I feel like I just want to send the hubs to a corner! HA HA

Anyway husband if you are reading this I LOVE YOU!!! ;) 

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