Tuesday, August 7, 2012

August Blog Star

Hello lovelies! Today I am going to link up with Mrs. Monologues for her August Blog Star! She is a new blog that I have just started to follow and I love her! She is so funny!

1. I grew up in a small town that would be considered "country" but I lived in town of it. I am the prissiest country girl ever! Every little thing scares me!

2. I have two kids both boys. One is 8 and the other one will be 2 on Sunday. (Do you see the tear) My husband lately makes me feel like I have three kids. I want another child but hopeful it would be a girl. There is just way to much penis in this house. We need another vag around!  HA HA Seriously tho my kids are the funniest people ever. I am always cracking up at them. I've got a post tomorrow about one of my kids and a lizard that was in my house. Please come back.

3. I am a natural blonde but damn the hormones is turning my hair a darker blonde. I go get highlights every 6-8 weeks. I go next week to get my roots done. I am so nervous I hope she does a good job. I am very very picky about my hair. When I started going to my friend back in Indiana I told her how my old stylist cut my hair and did everything. I am shocked we became besties out of it! lol I would drive an hour and half to get my hair done from my hometown until I found Gina!

4. The furthest that I have ever lived from my parents is 2 hours away...I am now living 1,000 miles away and it kills me but luckily for technology we facetime almost daily and I talk to my mom 3214566789 a day on the phone. I am an only child by the way.

5. I was adopted at birth. I have no clue who my birth family is. At times I want to know other times I don't care because I feel that God made the best choice for me and I have the best parents in the world. 

6. I have been married for 9 years and been with my husband for 10. Since our 5th year wedding anny I have made sure he has known that I would like an upgrade for my ring on our 10 yr wedding anny. 

7. My husband has a hard job because I was spoiled before we met and he has continued on with the tradition of spoiling me but hey who am I to complain! :) He really is a great man that is a hard worker for his family. Couldn't ask for anything better! 

8. Both times I have been out of the country has been with the husband. We went to Spain four months into us dating which was the most amazing vacation ever. We went to Mexico for my BIL and SIL wedding. We also went on a cruise for our honeymoon.

9. I've always wanted to swim with dolphins but lately I've decided once I get in the water with them I would probably freak out and get scared. Refer back to #1. 

10. I am the happiest when I have all my family next to me and near me! :)

 Todd and I in Spain

 Family pic taken 2 months after Gannon was born. Pictures were taken by Kristi Thompson with New Beginning Photography. If you are in the Indy area you HAVE to look her up! She has great prices and is very fun and easy to work with!!

Mom, Dad, and I in front of where my mamaw and papaw used to live in Florida. I spent lots of Spring Breaks here and loved every second of it!

Now go link up and be a Blog Star!!! :) 

I also want to so THANK YOU and WELCOME to all of my new followers! This makes my little heart so happy and excited!!!!


  1. This was a great way to learn more about you. Great post! I think it's wonderful that you were adopted.

  2. Love that barn image!~

    Popping in from the Blog Star linkup.


  3. So happy you linked up! I have always wanted to swim with dolphins, but then I watched some scary you tube videos so I probably wont.
    Mrs. Monologues

  4. I'd love to swim with the dolphins too...but I'm REALLY afraid of sharks, so it would have to be at Sea World or something!


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