Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Did you guys watch the USA Gymnast win Gold last night? I sure did! It gave me chills!! I am a HUGE gymnastics fan anyways. I started gymnastics at the age of three and had to stop around the age of 17. The time I was in gymnastics are some of my best memories ever. I made the greatest friends and all the traveling we did together was the best. I got to see some awesome places around the US that I probably wouldn't have been able to otherwise.

(All pictures came from yahoo)

These are just a few of my fave pictures! I LOVED Gabby before the Olympics and I am even more in love with her now! I can not wait for the all around finals!  I was all over twitter last night while the competition was going on. Can I say how disappointed I am that the media did leak the results before it aired in the US? I don't remember it being leaked last time.

What is your favorite Olympic sport?

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  1. You already know what my favorite sport is, but I enjoyed the gymnastics last night.

    By the way- Task #1 accomplished for the day!


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