Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've never said this out loud but when I was pregnant with Brayd I just had a feeling something was going to be wrong. I am not sure if it was the kind of pregnancy I was having or what. Sure enough October 2010 he was diagnosed with Autism. When walking into the conference room with his teacher and the support staff that worked with him just made me nervous. When the first time we were told he had it my jaw tighten and I gritted my teeth. Luckily Todd was with me and he took over on talking. There was no way I could talk. I was mad. I was mad at them for telling me something was wrong with my baby. I was mad at God for creating something that made something wrong with him. I was mad at myself wondering what I did wrong to cause it. Obviously I calmed down and was able to refocus in on the meeting. His teacher could tell I was getting upset. I was also able to keep the tears in tact and not shed during the meeting. Still to this day when someone says something about him being autistic I go back to that place. To me my baby is perfect. :)

I am very thankful for the school that we had back in Indiana. They were very alert with Brayd and watched him closely. They always went above and beyond to help him. I am so nervous on how his new school here in Houston will be. I hope they will be as good as Indiana. I hope he has a great teacher. I already know it will be hard to top Mrs. Moore (his Kindergarten teacher) and Ms. Groff (his 1st grade teacher). They were two special ladies. It will be really weird to not see them or any of the support staff daily.

We found an awesome doctor (pediatrician) and she actually gave us so many referrals to help set Brayden up for success. There are different therapies for us to try with him to help him with school and in life in general. Granted he is very low on the spectrum. Just enough on certain things he has problems with but others he will blow you out of the water! He is so smart! He knows about things I don't even know about. There are times I have to ask Todd if he is correct because I am not sure! :)  One therapy we are going to try is ABA therapy. I would love to know if you have a child that is Autistic and if you have tried this or not.


  1. Too bad he can't be in my class this year! :( And of course he's perfect! :)

  2. My sister-in-law is a Senior ABA therapist. What area do you live in? Maybe you can sign up with her company. She is awesome!

  3. MBS Yoga-We want to do ABA therapy. Email me linsw00@gmail.com and I will tell you our location and what not.


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