Thursday, July 26, 2012


Do you notice when getting older or going through a life changing event makes you change or changes your friendships? Why is that? Does that mean that the friendship you thought you had is not as strong or true as what you thought it was? Do any of you experience any of this? When something like this happens to me it really puts me in a bad mood. I get way emotional about it. Wait I get emotional over everything! HA HA I guess these changes are done for a reason, God has a reason. You may not see it or know why now but one day you will. I find that part to be the hardest for me to accept. I am so not good with change.

One change that is bothering me is bub going to a new school. I loved our school in Indiana. I am scared to death about him starting a new school here. I am ready for him to make some friends tho. He had some great friends at his old school. I hope he can find some great ones down here. He is not one for change. He is like me and is a creature of habit.

Friendship is a change. I had friends I could talk to all the time anytime back in Indiana. Down here I don't know anyone. I haven't met anyone face to face. Last week I did meet someone that is another blogger but we haven't "met" face to face yet. I know I am going to like her a lot and we are going to become great friends. She gives the best advice! Those are the friendships that I really value. The kind that are themselves 100% of the time and are there for you and vice versa. I think if there were more people in the world like that this place would be so much better.

How do you guys feel about change? What change have you gone through? Was it welcomed or not?


  1. Wait, did you just say that I am the change you wish to see in the world?

    Holy Crap, best compliment ever ;)

    Hold your head up my dear, good things are around the corner & I know it is tough now but things will all work out in the end!

  2. I hate change too! I totally understand!
    BUT...I can't wait to meet you one of these days in the near future! =)

  3. Welcome to Houston! We may be hot and sticky, but we sure are sweet :) I hope with time you will like this change. I saw on FB a post that had a picture of a heart rate, it said" Without the ups and downs, your not alive". SO enjoy each thing that you may not feel is an "up" because you are alive and learning from it. These things are what make us better moms and wives, sisters and daughters, and of course friends. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  4. Thank you MBS&Y! I love TX so far! Thank you for your kind words!

  5. I know exactly how you feel girly! I, too, am like you where I get emotional over everything! I'm not good with change either, but, sometimes it's inevitable! And like you said, you may not know why things are happening the way they are now, but, in time, you will!

    And I totally know what you mean about your little one making friends! Moving at that age is always so challenging! Do you have other kids his age (or around his age) in your neighborhood? Or have you looked at some extra curricular things around you that may allow him to socially interact with other kids his age?

    I know what you mean about YOU making friends too! I was the EXACT same way when I moved down here to Texas from Indiana as well! It's scary, but you have to really put yourself out there and blogging is a good way of meeting people! I wish I would have started my blog when I first moved down here! Hopefully you will be able to come to the August H-Town bloggers meet-up! It really is hard though, so I truly feel your pain in meeting people (heck, I still don't know a whole lot of people around here yet, most of my friends are fellow teachers/people I work with!) I go back to work on Monday, but maybe we could get together & grab lunch or coffee sometime next week in between my work schedule & your schedule? Or maybe grab lunch/coffee next weekend?

    Anyways, keep your head up & let me know if you need anything or just want to vent! I think you might have asked for my number a while ago (maybe not? I could be confused, haha) but message me on FB or here & I will send it to you (just FYI, I don't have my phone on me often & if I do, it's ALWAYS on silent, so if I don't respond ASAP, that is why! haha... biggest pet peeve to my hubs about me, whoops! Plus, i'm not a big phone person. But, I am a HUUUUGE texter. I'm one of those people where if someone calls me, I don't answer but will text them and ask what's up - yeah, everyone hates it! haha). Okay, minus that huge tangent, seriously though, text/facebook/blog if you need anything. I was in your shoes not too long ago and know how hard it is! But, keep blogging, because you have a ton of people who know how you feel & are here to support you.

    END NOVEL. :)


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