Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Pet Peeves

This morning I woke up and started my normal routine...coffee get on google reader and read some blogs. I started reading Aly's over at Analyze This and she did a post on Pet Peeves. I think I am going to follow suit and lay out my pet peeves. So shall we?

1. Ice chewers
2. People who chew with mouth open
3. One of my personal pet peeves to myself is when I pump gas and I can not stop if it is something like 31.51, I have to go up to the whole dollar.
4. Butt cracks showing when the pants should be covering it
5. Nail Chewers
6. Two faced
7. People who do not call or txt back when they say they will
8. People not keeping their word
9. Loud snoring
10. Body Odor

Now what are your pet peeves?

Sidenote: I worked out last night with my trainer for the first time...can we say my legs are so sore and my hamstrings are so tight! Tonight I workout on my own. He told me to do cardio for an hour. So I am going to go run!


  1. Cute idea! I am your newest follower!!!!


  2. Crap, I totally chew my ice - especially when I'm hungry LOL

    Ditto on #3, until I get frustrated and just give up lol

    and I guess we won't be able to have slumber parties because to hear the hubs tell it #9 is SO ME! haha


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