Monday, July 23, 2012

The Weekend

I am going to skip over Friday and Saturday because it was boring and nothing really happened and we didn't really do anything. Moving along to Saturday evening. We decided since Todd had been on a business trip all week Saturday night was family movie night. I took the kids to the movie store to pick out a movie. Brayd had it in his head he had to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Instead of getting the snacks at the movie store we ran to Target to stock up. We grabbed a huge bag of twizzlers, M&M's and Airheads. Needless to say movie night was great.

Sunday we went to a few furniture stores. Todd and I just recently purchased a king mattress and need a king bed. I want a sleigh bed. I am into the darker wood at the moment. First we went to The Dump then we went to Gallery Furniture. The Dump is a dump. The furniture is so overpriced. They say it's low but it isn't. For a five piece bedroom they charge you every piece of the bed then you get a dresser with it. Everything else is seperate then you are added on to around a $175 delivery fee. Gallery Furniture is the most fantastic place ever. They have parrots and monkeys. YES real MONKEYS! I'm telling ya I could sit all day watching the monkeys! One actually fell asleep sucking its thumb. It was so cute. I found two bed outfits I liked. So we are deciding between the two. Sidenote if you purchase anything from Gallery then you get your picture taken with a monkey! I. CAN'T. WAIT.

How was your weekend?

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