Monday, July 9, 2012

Weekend Recap Full of Adventures

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all had a great weekend!!! I sure did. Friday once the husband got home from work I was about to loose my mind with the boys. I love them to death but I have been with with them 24/7 no break nothing since March. Gannon decided no naps was the cool thing for Friday so he was in a cranky mess. Bub was bored and fighting with Gannon. So it was all about breaking up fights and trying to keep both kids entertained and out of trouble. Bub ran upstairs and as I was about to go check on him our three dogs got in a fight. So I got distracted. Bub finally came back down the stairs and he started to play some video games. T walked in the door and asked what was wrong with bubs head. I had no clue as to what he was talking about. Oh bub decided he needed a haircut and took T's razor to the front part of his head! (It was so small and he wouldn't come near me) So T took bub to get his head shaved. I was irritated at the fact that he took the razor and could have hurt himself...not the whole hair thing because hair grows back. So I took it out on the sweeper and started moving furniture cleaning like a maniac. T and bub got home and T told me to go get a pedi. Yes please! So I got pampered and it was so so nice! Got home and everything was good and the boys were playing nice again.

Saturday T had to work some wheel event for a few hours so the boys and I packed up and went to Target. We took our time at Target. We got a huge ball to take to the beach with us and a few other random things.We got back and ate lunch and Gannon took a nap. T got home and I had supper ready then it was time for bub and I to get ready for our date together. I took him to see Madagascar 3. I've taken him to see all of the Madagascar movie's so it was only fitting that him and I went to this one together. We both really enjoyed it and had a great time! I even got a goodnight kiss. Maybe if I am lucky he will ask me out for another movie date again! :)

Sunday we were going to go to the beach in Galveston. We had been to the beach in Surf side and really loved it but we wanted to see what Galveston had to offer. That morning I looked at the forecast and of course it was suppose to rain. So we went ahead and packed up and took beach stuff anyways just in case. We got to Galveston and I saw the ferry sign. So we got onto the ferry and road across to the peninsula. It was a fantastic idea at first until we saw the line waiting to get back onto the ferry from the peninsula to the mainland. We waited for an hour to get back onto the ferry. We had good laughs tho.

Once we got back we decided we were going to eat we were starving by this time. T said let's get some good crab cakes. Awesome that is the only seafood I like. So we stopped at this one place first and they only did sandwiches. So we asked where we could go for some good crab cakes. This kid said to go to Gaido's.  So we packed back up and went there. Mistake number one was staying after walking in and it smelling like a nursing home. We were seated and the waitress went through the menu. T and I both listened to her (she had a very very thick accent) the entire time I am thinking I hope T is getting all of this because I have the slightest clue on what she is saying. T is nodding and everything. She walks away and I ask him what she was talking about he has no clue. (that was mistake number 2) Oh everyone was offered this cheese bread stuff but we were not. I told T we must be the fat family that doesn't need the bread since we never got any! Then while we were waiting on our food there was a guy sitting to the corner of me. It looked as if he had never eaten before. He was going after his bread like there was no other bread on earth. Also his salad, it was falling from his mouth salad dressing all over it he used his arm to wipe his mouth. Then T looked over and HE HAD HIS SHOES OFF!!! He was making himself right at home! By this time I am dying laughing. We kept teasing each other that it smelt so bad in there of old people and formaldehyde. We all hardly ate it was so gross. So don't ever go there. Oh did I mention I saved bub's life? He took a bite of his chicken nugget and choked on it. It didn't even cause a stir as I was helping him get it dislodged. When I came back from the restroom I looked over across the way to the beach and saw some ladies butt crack. That was the topper of lunch. Lesson NEVER GO TO GAIDO'S!!  We finally left and went over to where this Battleeship and submarine were and bub and T took a tour while Gannon slept in the car. Once that was over we finally got home and went swimming. It was a long packed day but it was full of fun and laughs.

What did you do this weekend?

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