Monday, July 2, 2012

Fast Forward

Alright ya'll I am gonna fast forward for a second and tell you about yesterdays find! Gannon was down for a nap, Brayden was playing video games with Todd so I decided to have a little me time and go upstairs in my room and watch TV and surf the net. Well Gannon woke up and we came downstairs. The first thing that I noticed that was different was one of our recliners was moved a different way. My first thought was what are these boys into now. Then I look over and both Todd and Brayden are standing right next to the side window looking at it. Again my thought was what in the world are they doing. So I ask them then they look at me then look at the window without saying anything. Apparently by this time I needed to be a mind reader. So I ask again and again the same response. Side note we have those wooden blind thingys. So finally Todd showed me what had entered our house. It was a LIZARD! It was tiny and green and part of his tail was gone. In true Todd fashion he got a plastic container to put the lizard in. It took him a few minutes to catch the little thing but he got it. Then he put the lid on halfway and both boys decided to chase me around the house with it. Nice huh! There is way to much penis in my household at times. What is it with animals getting in our house!

Our Friday was fun. We went downtown Houston and went to the Aquarium. The best part was the White Tiger. It was so cute! It made me want to just go and play with him. Actually they let two of the tigers out because there was a group of kids coming to stay the night there that night. The tigers are the most playful at night. We purchased the all day pass so we could ride rides too. It started to rain a little on the way to the aquarium but we thought nothing of it. Some of the rides closed down until the rain passed. The one ride that we were all looking forward to was the train of course it was broken down. The train takes you through this tunnel where sharks swim over you.

Saturday it rained here most of the day so it was a total lazy day. Late afternoon early evening the sun started to come out so we just got in the car and drove around went to supper then went and tried a fro yo place out. It was pretty yummy!!

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun??

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