Thursday, June 28, 2012

Peyton Angels and Funny Story

Remember when I asked for prayers for my friend and her son Peyton? If not, go back and read it here. Prayers are still needed  Update he has been released from the hospital and is now at home. They are going forward doing proton therapy. He had to go yesterday and get a mold made for his head/face to wear for the therapy. If you wouldn't mind please go to his fb page titled "Peyton's Angels" and like it. (

Lynn is a single mom of twins. She is one of the strongest people I know. When Todd left to come down to TX for a few months before the kids and I Lynn and LB both came knocking at my door one night with beer and pizza. True friends!

Okay so now we need some laughter right? Well when you hear the term everything is bigger in Texas well it is so totally true! Let's start with a little background with me shall we? I grew up in a small country town in Indiana BUT I lived in town..make sense? I don't do bugs, critters, snakes nothing. Shoot my mom or Todd has to kill spiders. My dad doesn't do spiders either but that is a totally different story.

So last time I am on Face Time with my friend Leslie. We had been chatting for awhile and then I asked her if she wanted a tour of the house. Of course she did. We get the tour of the downstairs no problem. We go upstairs first stop the master bedroom. Then we proceed to go into the mater bath. I start showing her around until I get to the shower. Then I see this!


Okay let's set a couple things straight before we go on with the story. 1. We are not dirty people. We are more OCD clean freaks. I had cleaned all day yesterday. 2. The husband was working with tearing down some tree branches which I still have no clue what that was about but in my mind I'm thinking he wanted to play with some tools. 3. I think he brought it in after working in the brush because he came right in and showered and there it was in the shower. 4. You have issues when you have the smaller ones. I txt our landlady and she said "Welcome to TX" so apparently this is normal. I am not a fan of this new "normal"

Moving as I am on Face Time with Leslie I go Oh my god there is a HUGE's like 10 inches long. She starts laughing because well she knows how I am. So I yell down to Todd. He gets up (I stay downstairs I was not going back up there) and he is going to take care of it. First I thought I heard the water running so apparently he wanted to bath this critter. Then next I hear the sweeper. He comes down like a proud hunter carrying the bucket thingy to the sweeper to empty it. He tells me what it is. I just give him a WTF look. So I go back upstairs to finish the tour. I go back to the bathroom because I hadn't showed the closet yet (its a huge closet). I notice Todd has the hairspray out. I go back downstairs and ask him about it. Husband sprayed the critter with hairspray first! I am not sure about you but I am dying at this point in time. Him and I enjoyed a few laughs over that one! I am just glad that it was found while he was home because lord knows what I would do if I had to take care of it! 


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