Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I am loving Wednesday

So as I was showering today (TMI?) I was thinking of a few things I am totally loving here lately!

I've got my hair highlighted for summer. It is really my natural color but after having kids horomones have made my hair go darker...not a fan. Gotta keep the cute blonde up right! So I have been using this TRESemme shampoo and conditioner for color treated hair. It has totally helped with my frizz for this Houston heat. It just looks so soft and I am in love!

I love this little gem! It is a clarasonic. Now you can get the real one for about $150 or you can get basically the same thing for $19.99 at CVS. I have the one from CVS. I also have the face wash that goes with it. It has made my skin look so young. I do not use it everyday. I use it about maybe three times a week. When I am not using that I just use the moist towelettes to wipe my makeup off. It takes everything off.

I am only kind of liking birthday is Friday. I am turning the dirty 30. It really hadn't bothered me until we moved. Knowing I am not going to get to spend it in Indiana with the rest of my family and friends kind of bums me out. Don't get me wrong Todd and my kids are my family now but it is still the fact of the matter that I won't get to spend it with my other family.  My parents did however put a "birthday box" in the moving truck. I have not opened it yet. I have been so good about it! I also know that Todd got my present today and he said it was awesome and is trying to give it to me now. I told him if he gave it to me now then he will need to go get me another one to open on Friday. (Yes I am a kid about birthdays) He told me nice try he would take me out to supper. So now I have to figure out where to go in many choices!

Oh before I forget I am also loving my new followers!! YAY! :) 

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