Monday, June 18, 2012

First week in Texas

Todd picked the boys and I up from the Hobby airport on Sunday. I was so excited to see once we left the airport there was the first palm tree!! I LOVE palm trees!! Todd was laughing at me because I am never quiet I always have something to say...on the way to our house I was hardly talking I was taking in all the sights. Todd was pointing out the downtown area, galleria area, and medical district! We got to the house and I was walking through it and taking it all in. Todd kept following me through the house (Todd picked it out by himself). I wasn't saying much it was all overwhelming to take everything in. Todd did a fantastic job on picking out our rental. I do have to say I want to live a little more outside of the city than like The Woodlands or Conroe area. I did go out alone on Sunday to the grocery all by myself and DID NOT get lost!!

I also went to Target and Old Navy alone last week. I didn't have to use my GPS to get there but I did on the way back just so I wouldn't miss my road to turn on. Today once Gannon wakes from his nap I want to make another trip to the outlet mall. Can we say holy outlet! This place is HUGE and its only about 15 mins from us! SCORE! Todd also laughs at me because every time he took an overpass this weekend I would hold on. 

This isn't even the tallest overpass! 

This post is so all over place! Sorry! :) So on Saturday we decided that was going to be our beach day. We wanted to go to Surfside and try that out. It was so much fun! You can drive your car up on the beach, bring your dog, and the best part it was not crowded! The water was not the pretty blue that you would think of and there was seaweed up on the beach but it was so much fun and everyone was so so nice. 


On the way back I was taking in the sites. Todd came a different way back home. He pointed out this one building that is the tallest building outside of a downtown area. He said he was told it was in the Guinness book of world records. So that was pretty cool. 

Sunday we chilled since Friday and Saturday we were on the go. Friday afternoon we went to Kemah and we to the boardwalk. That was so fun for the kids and it was fun to see all the boats and stuff. Sunday Todd took us to show us The Woodlands and Conroe. Totally in love with that area! 

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