Thursday, June 14, 2012

Week at my parents Part 1

While our stuff was on the moving truck and Todd had my car and our dogs driving back to Houston the kids and I spent the week with my parents. It was a very busy week to say the least! The bestie came and picked me up on Saturday afternoon and took me back to Bloomfield. Then on Sunday my mom and I decided to run to a little bit of shopping together. Monday was rainy so I really didn't do much. Not to mention Gannon was just not letting me get to far from him. I think by this point he was starting to kind of miss me. He stayed overnight without me for the very first time the night before we moved. Tuesday was a busy day. Dad and mom had to run up for a check up from one of moms surgeries. While they were up in the city I was back home getting ready for Dad's surprise retirement party! We had a great turnout! Everyone we invited showed up. We started with a HUGE list but then decided to cut it down. We wanted to have it outside but also thought if we had bad weather we wanted to be able to fit everyone in the house. When daddy walked up the steps he had no idea what was going on. He was so shocked it was great! It was also great because I was able to tell a few people bye that I wouldn't see for a bit. That was sooo hard!

 Daddy (in the middle) and two of the teachers he worked with.
Hugging my cousin goodbye. This was the last time I was going to see him for awhile. My cousin Derek and I are more like brother and sister and have never lived more than an hour apart. He has always came right over if I ever needed him.

So that takes care of Saturday-Tuesday. The rest of the week is to come. This would be to long of a post if I put in my entire week! :) 

XO -Lins

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  1. awe!! that was a fun day!!! :) nice pictures btw! ;)


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