Tuesday, June 26, 2012


So Friday was my 30th bday and it was full of surprises! I facetimed my parents first thing Friday morning. When we moved my parents packed a "birthday box" for me. So Todd has had it in the closet for me. They were able to watch me open it and I loved everything they got me! They got me a seahorse candle holder, a sun wall hanging thing, and a wall hanging about family. All came from Kohls! They sent me two cards! I got one card on Thursday and the other on Friday. My Friday card had a gift card in it! I can't wait to use it!! Todd had to work all day so it was low key during the day. I did the normal housewife duties of cleaning and taking care of the kiddos! The kids and I went swimming and once Todd got home he joined us. While we were swimming the BFF had flowers delivered to me! She is the BEST! Instead of going out for supper we ordered in some Chinese then Todd had an ice cream cake made. All in all it was pretty good.

Saturday was so hot out. Todd worked and didn't get home until around 6. The kids and I went swimming and hung out and stayed cool. Not an exciting Saturday. Sunday Todd worked on his car because he is selling it. We don't need three vehicles. He has a company car so it is dumb for him to have a car that just sits in the garage that we are making payments on. We were going to go to the beach but due to the Tropical Storm and we didn't know which way she was going to go we opted to stay home. We figured the waves were going to be huge.  Choppy water and huge waves not a good combo for kids. We opted just to swim here at home. I made a Sunday supper and we watched Big Miracle. If you have not rented that movie you must! It is so good. My oldest son has watched it twice. It is cute because he has been asking questions about Alaska and the North Pole.

What did you do this weekend? :)

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