Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Moving Day

Saturday June 2nd was our moving day! A semi pulled up to our house with a driver and one worker. I was totally excited! Of course I was going in the semi making sure everything was packed and stacked just right so we wouldn't have anything broke! I know the workers probably got annoyed with me asking so many questions but hey I wanted my stuff safe! I am happy to report that everything did arrive safely! Our items arrived on June 8th.  The kids and I were still in Indiana and it was only Todd down here. So Todd had a big day. Not only did the movers arrive but so did my new washer and dryer that Todd got me along with our cable guy too! So Todd had a busy day of unpacking and organizing. There was also a guy who came and painted the boys room. One of the rooms painted purple and the other was red on top and blue on bottom. We really couldn't have that! The blue/red room is Brayden's and we had to decorate it in IU stuff of course! Gannon's room back home was a really pretty light green and I wanted that down here too. The boys room is all unpacked and put together. We really only have a few boxes left to unpack. Todd did most of it Friday and Saturday. The kids and I flew in on June 10th. More about the arrival coming soon! :)
XO -Lins

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  1. I LOVE you and MISS you friend! I can't wait to see the new house!!! I'm not sure if Houston can handle TWO Indiana girls tho! :)


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