Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fur babies

My fur babies had a long ride from Indiana to Texas. Todd only had to stop about 4 times. Each time he stopped he let them run for about 20 mins then they were done for and ready for a nap. My babies are lazy! When Todd left I put them on a diet. The husband loves to feed them all the time. With them being a large breed we need to watch their joints and what not. The diet has been successful because they have lost a good amount of weight! 

Now onto this Texas weather my dogs are NOT taking to it very well. Daisy is the only healthy one! The boys (Carson and Ollie) are becoming very high maintenance. We had to take Carson to the vet on Friday. He had to get a cortisone shot and blood taken (testing for heart worm). He has developed allergies and his hind area and hind legs are molting....he is bare! We can't leave him outside or poor little guy will get a sunburn. Ollie has always had allergies. He has always snorted and what not. He has also always had a chronic ear infection that we never seem to be able to get rid of. So he went to the vet yesterday. He got a cortisone shot and some ear medicine. He keeps itching but he is not molting like Carson. I do have to laugh when Ollie goes down our stairs. His big ol butt just wobbles from side to side and he takes his time. He moves like an old man (he is only 5). Daisy is so not graceful going down the stairs she plops and it looks as if she is going go fall down the stairs. It's the funniest thing ever! I love my babies!! :)

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