Friday, June 15, 2012

Week at parents part 2

So on Wednesday the bestie came over and we took our older kids to the pool for the day. We grabbed some McDonalds on the way home. Lets face it swimming = hungry kids. LB and I did not get into the water. We worked our tans not to mention the water was FREEZING! Needless to say I put sunblock on and still got burnt! WTH!! By Wednesday eve we were pretty well done and tired. Once we got back to my parents house that evening the kids and I just hung out and relaxed. (Sorry not posting the pic that was taken at the pool)

Thursday once LB got off work we had to go get one last pedi/mani together. I stayed simple and picked a coral color and got a design on the big toe. My mani I got the same color as what I got on my toes. Speaking of mani does anyone else have issues of chipping like a day or two after getting a mani? Mine does it all the time. I even went out and purchased a no chip to put over the didn't help! LB got a little wild on her toes and put a neon color on them. Seriously on the way home it looked like a black light was on her toes. Her mani she calmed it a little bit. :)

Friday was spent running errands and saying my goodbyes to family. My Aunts, Uncles, Cousin and close family friend that is more brother than anything came over Friday night and visited and said their goodbyes. Sorry no pics on this either my eyes were so red and swollen.

Saturday was the sucky day! Saturday morning bright and early LB came over. We did fine for a little bit. :) She even fixed my hair for me. Girlfriend should have went to beauty school because she can just look at a style and fix it for you. So while visiting my other cousin Conner came to visit too. Conner is going to college in the Fall so I really hope that he will come and visit on his spring break. Then there was the goodbye to LB. Okay background on her and I. We have been friends since we were five. The first day of Kindergarten. So we have A LOT of history! Although I know it's not a final goodbye it's a "see ya later" it just sucks. We did set her up on Skype and have weekly Skype dates, txt daily, fb, and twitter! Love you LB!

Sunday the kids and I were at the airport at 5:30 AM! My parents took us and then Todd's parents also met us there. That goodbye sucked too. Obviously I was crying and the moms were trying to hold it in until we left for security. They all stayed at the airport until we landed safely.

Next week I will post about the first day in Houston!!

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  1. AWE! tissues anyone?? that is so sweet! I miss you girl! SO MUCH!! I'll be hoppin on a place soon to see that sweet smile of yours!!! i love you lots chicky!


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