Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A new me

I've been doing a lot of thinking lately. I am not happy with myself....more as to the way I look. Last night I went to take a tour of a gym, LA Fitness. That place is really really nice! So today I am going to sign up. Like any good wife once they spoke money I told them I would have to come home and speak to my husband about it. Obviously he is not going to say no. I had Gannon almost two years ago. I can't use him as an excuse to loose the baby weight anymore. I did really good when he was born. I lost most all the weight then winter happened and the snacking happened...and I gained most of it back. I am really upset with myself on the way I have let myself go. I used to be a gymnast so I had a banging that I was very pleased with and I was healthy. The husband did get onto me saying that I have let myself go since having our oldest. Well all you other moms out there I hope will agree with me that we just do not get any "me" time. My day consist of cleaning, cooking, breaking up fights, and keeping the kids busy so they don't get bored, and an educator.

I want to start feeling good about myself again. I want my husband to be proud to show me off. I want to start a new me down here. I always get tired mid day so maybe this will help. I am not worried to what the number on the scale is because when working out I am going to build muscle. I don't want to have the body builder look I just want to get more toned. I am concentrated more on how my clothes fit and the size of clothes I am buying. Yesterday I started back on my Shakeology and I felt a lot better during the day. It made me full for most of the day. I didn't snack as much. I have also tried to cut soda out of my diet. I am drinking more water. The only time I have a soda is if I am craving it really bad or if I have a bad headache and I need some caffeine to try to take it away.

With all of this being said this weekend I am going to go purchase some new workout clothes. I got a gift card for my birthday and I am going to use it on that. I have compared some stores on their workout clothes and my goodness I can't believe the huge difference that there is. I am very excited for a new me! :)

What are some of your favorite workouts and classes?

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