Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Big News

As you know the husband moved us from Indiana to Texas for a job opportunity. We knew one day we would move out of Indiana. There were just not that many opportunties for him in his line of work. We just didn't realize our path would take us 1,000 miles from everyone and everything we knew. So at the end of March hubs got in his car and made the long 17 hour drive to Houston. The time that the boys and I were left back in Indiana that time was spent being mommy, daddy, helping Brayden with his homework, planning a birthday party, being a handyman handywoman, packing, selling our house, and planning our move. On June 10th was the big day that the kids and I would take our one way ticket and fly down and finally become a family again. 

I was completley overwhelmed once I got off the plane and we started driving to the house. I could not believe I was going to be living in the 4th largest city in the U.S. So from being here for almost three months I do not venture out. I have only ventured out of my five mile radius three times since living here; twice with my parents and once this past Saturday. 

This brings us to the BIG NEWS!! Tuesday morning hubs had to catch a flight to take a meeting with a guy in the company he works for. After meeting and touring this location it was clear to hubs that our family belong at this new location. So in the afternoon after he was back in Houston he got a call asking him to take the new position with the company. So by the end of September we will be residents  in OKLAHOMA!!!! Now the chaos is going to begin again. I contacted the company that moved us down here, Morse Moving (If you do have a move coming up I highly recommend them.) We have no house yet, although I did send an email to an agent hopefully they will contact me sooner than later. Brayden will be switching schools again but I honestly think the school part is for the best. I have not been impressed with his school here. Don't get me wrong everyone has been very nice I am just not impressed as far as the education aspect. 

I feel that we will be more at home here. We are not HUGE city people. We can live in a BIG city but not as HUGE as Houston. I love the fields that we will be surrounded by again. 

I am also excited to see sites like this too! 

So if you live in Oklahoma or know of someone that does please let me know! I would love to know more about the state! 


  1. I am so happy for you guys, especially now that I know you are so excited. I just can't stop being sad sad sad. I can't wait to hear all about Tulsa though and that violin museum or whatever it was ;)

  2. Hey! I'm new to the Texas Bloggers group, but I've lived in OK most of my life (when I'm not in Texas!). We recently moved from Stillwater (which is an hour from T-town) and a lot of my family is in Tulsa! I'd love to share all I know!


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