Monday, September 24, 2012

Last Weekend in Houston

Hello Lovelies! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! This weekend was our very last one in Houston, I am completley excited about that little tidbit! Moving right along we are going to just skip to Saturday because I think that was the most fun!

On Monday I got a tweet from Langford Market that I had won a $200 gift certificate. They were at the Houston Blogger Symposium, one of their incentives was to take a picture of a fall outfit that you liked and tweet about it, winner would be chosen Monday. My response when I read that was "Shut it" classy huh! Since Lacey couldn't get time away from her family my husband and two kids went with me.

I did not take any pictures I was way to busy looking through all of the racks of clothing! This is the cutest little boutique ever! They had fresh cookies out, the girls working in their were so nice and very attentive. While I was pulling the items I wanted to try on Taylor (one of the sweetest ladies that works there) said she would start pulling items too. Let's note my style is very plain! HA I don't do wild  patterns if I even do a pattern. I am a stay at home mom so my clothes is not as exciting as it used to be. I ended up two sweaters one which I will wear with some leggings, tank, cardigan, and this really pretty light blue silk shirt.

The prices are pretty reasonable ranging from what I got the tank was around $10 and the shirts ranged from $30-50 each. I kept eyeing some of their handbags, oh my ladies these are gorg bags! They have tons of jelewry to customize your outfit too! Right now they are having a jewlery sale of buy one get one free. Langford has several locations but I went to the one in Rice Village.

After shopping we were starting to head back home when I saw it..right was Rocky and Maggie's! You are probably thinking what the hell is Rocky and Maggie's, well if you watch TLC you will know them at The Little Couple. They own a store not far from where we were shopping. The store is a dog store named after their dogs. The Little Couple is my moms favorite show, naturally I got excited and started squeeling while telling my mom. Todd drove back around and so Brayden and I could hop out and go in and look. After all we had to check it out and see if they were in there and of course to check the store out!

The day we went they were having an adoption event for cats and dogs. According to my mom they have events often at their store. Unfortunately they were not in there but we did talk to some really cute animals. :) My mom had informed me if there was a blonde lady working that would be Jen's mom, well their were two blondes so I didn't dare and go ask. One was looking at me crazy becuase I was snapping photos the second I walked in. :)

If you are ever in Houston you have to find this place!!

**All opinions were my own.

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