Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pet Flea Medicine

*Just a heads up there are some graphic pictures I will be posting. So if you do not want to see them then go ahead and click off.*

Our dogs have had issues since we have moved to Houston. They have always been healthy and perfect when we were in Indiana. It has affected our 10 year old lab the most. In June we took him to the vet and he got a cortizone shot for all of his itching he was doing. He was having an allergic reaction to the grass down here. He had itched so much the hair on his hind area had fallen off. The shot started to fade away and the itching started again. 

This time all three of our dogs had been itching. We gave them a flea bath using some kind of oatmeal soothing astract. That seemed to help a little but not a lot. I had ran to the store to grab a few things and while I was there I decided to grab some flea medicine. While I was reading it I made sure that it was for more than just fleas. This medicine covered fleas, ticks, mosquitios, and a few other bugs. There were two different ones to choose from, I went with Adams because I figured since it cost more it was a little better quality for our animals. I brought it home and husband put it on the dogs the next day. Two of the three had a reaction to it, one worse than the other. Our lab just started acting lathargic and just wanting to lay not wanting to eat or move. He would come and lay on the tile under the table. You could see in his eyes he wasn't right. So we looked and his skin was burning. Husband got some wipes and wiped the medicine off of the dogs. The two Golden's were fine after that but our lab was still acting the same. So husband went and got the hose and washed him off really well. Needless to say his skin was burnt where he put the medicine. We called the vet and they got us in ASAP. They gave us some cortisone pills. They said where Adam's burnt him it would scab up and his hair would fall out. This took about a week. When his hair was ready to fall out his hair was sticking up. We helped him with it falling out since it was right there loose on the skin. We washing him to make it soft for the scab to come off. Now we are waiting for the hair to grow back. 

I would also like to add our 10 year old lab is now acting like a pup!  

*Pictures are below if you do not want to see the results*

This is right after his scab had fallen off. Yes we give our dogs plenty of water all the time. Their bowl is always filled. Although since he was a pup he has always loved to get a drink out of the sink. I think it is kinda cute. 

Close up shot of when the scab just fell off. 

This is what his scab area looks like one week later. His hair is starting to grow back and the redness is gone. We are watching how much he is outside because we don't want him to burn...not to mention the grass and him do not get along. 

I hope this helps when you are going to purchase some flea medicine for your pet. We treat our pets as our kids so we have been so heart broken and worried about poor Carson. Needless to say he has gotten a lot of extra special treats! :) 


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  2. Thank you for stopping by! I hated this happened to our animals but I wanted to let everyone know this could happen to their animal! :)


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